Persian Language Learning Centre (PLC)

Imam Khomeini International University has placed a high priority on international activities by this mean the university is equipped with the world biggest center for Persian Language learning and enjoys a high number of foreign students form a wide variety of countries.
This centre established in 1991 for responding to the world’s people who are interested in learning Persian language as second or foreign language.

Attention to scientific principles in language teaching and ability for responding appropriately to the learners, have distinguished this language learning center from others; therefore, people who would like to be familiar with Persian language and Iranian culture and civilization will be found these terms more than what they had expected.

Teaching at all Iranian universities and also Imam Khomeini international university present mostly in Persian language, accordingly Non-Iranian applicants who are graduated from none Iranian institutions with no knowledge of Persian language need to pass the Persian language learning terms just after final admission by ministry of higher education and before arriving to their specific course of study.                                                    

Learning Persian language terms at the Persian language center consist of two semesters, general and Specific, each of these take 16 weeks to be finished. These terms designed according to the students' future courses needs, and not only recalling courses scientific contents but also familiarizing learners with the equivalent  Persian Scientific words and phrases.

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