Admission in IKIU


  • Freshman applicants are admitted to IKIU through one of the following methods:

Admission of Iranian Applicants:

  • Iranian applicants form a part of the IKIU’s students, whose admission is carried out through a national examination by the National Academic Assessment Organization, under the supervision of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.

Admission of none Iranian Applicants:

  • As the only Iranian International University, IKIU attracts a large number of foreign students annually. Admissions process of foreign students is  based on the students’ scholarship or non-scholarship status. Foreign applicants’ scholarships are considered by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology’s Organization for Student Affairs, which introduces the qualified applicants to the IKIU. Non-scholarship admissions are considered based on the application forms and the other required documents sent by the foreign applicants, based on the Imam Khomeini International University’s “Regulations for Foreign Non-Scholarship Admissions.”

This university, because of its international aspects, has appointed a remarkable part of student’s admission to non-Iranian students. Regarding to none-Iranian student admission regulation issued on 1994/06/17, this university has been chosen as central secretarial of student’s admission.

Process of none-Iranian students admission with scholarship and priorities of (A, B, G) has been caring on till 2005 and since higher education ministry permission letter for non-Iranian student admission without scholarship released(2005/6/29). Since then  none-Iranian student admission has been done in two ways, With and Without scholarship, that the procedure of second one appointed by university’s board of trustees and the procedure of first one (with scholarship) is appointed by the students affairs in higher education ministry.


The first documents that you need to apply For Non-Scholarship Non-Iranian Students are:

1-    Copy of all the pages of applicant's passport
2-    Filling out the application forms

Send your documents to this address:
In case of having questions you can email or contact us by:
Phone number: +98-028-33901547

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