Life at IKIU

A great student life offers an unforgettable social experience that’s characterised by friendly community interaction, diversity, learning and fun.
This is something you’ll find at IKIU.

It’s where you’ll have the opportunity to meet new people, make friends and enjoy a sense of belonging. You won’t be short of events and activities to get involved in, which, combined with a great learning environment, will make for an exciting and well-rounded university experience.
With a variety of on and off-campus facilities and a bustling choice of events, sporting activities, and other entertainment, you can enjoy a fantastic social life, taking advantage of everything there is on offer.
Whether you want to play sports, enjoy meals out, go on excursions, take in some live music, get fit or put your studies aside and simply relax, there is something for everyone to do.

Eating Out
There is no shortage of restaurants and cafeterias situated across our campus and in the surrounding urban area. Noroozian Blvd is a vibrant area in Qazvin, in which the University is located. It is home to many different type of restaurants, coffee shops, pubs, supermarkets and stores, all within walking distance, where you can enjoy a meal, grab a quick coffee, take in some live music or sports events, or just wind down and relax with some friends.

You won’t be lacking for choice with the multitude of entertaining social activities and events that exists on and off campus and which cater to all tastes and student budgets. A mix of, parks, game places and cinemas, excursions and other adventures are a great way to meet people, find new hobbies or even get involved in social societies and initiatives, gaining some valuable skills and experience along the way.

Other amenities like diversity of Malls, supermarkets, popular retail outlets and boutiques, and a variety of stores are conveniently located nearby. Getting from place to place in Qazvin is very easy, with almost everything within just a few minutes’ walk. There is also a regular bus service, with a stop on the doorstep of our main campus and other stops just outside the other campus buildings, that allows you to travel anywhere in central Qazvin within 10 to 20 minutes.


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