International Relations

Deputy of International Affairs
Based on the international mission of the university, Deputy of International Affairs endeavors to elevate the university's academic position at national and international level, especially in the Islamic World and it always pursues the expansion of academic relationships with other higher education institutes and research centers around the world. It is also an active member of some international organizations. Working on joint research projects and academic programs in post-graduate and PhD levels with prominent international universities and research institutes, expanding Persian Language courses internationally, offering the rest of courses in English language in near future and opening two research centers of "Iran Studies" and "Islam Studies" are some of the strategic plans of The Deputy of International Affairs.

Deputy of International Affairs is consisted of two management offices:
•    Scientific and International Collaborations
•    International Students Admissions

The Scientific and International Collaborations Manager is tasked to make contacts with other universities and national and international higher education institutes, organize international academic seminars and scientific conferences and symposiums, inviting abroad Iranian scientific personalities, and make surveys on signing new scientific cooperation agreements with universities worldwide and subscribing to international scientific societies and associations.
International Cooperation agreements
These agreements aim to encourage direct cooperation between institutions of higher learning in different countries and to promote the reciprocal exchange of teachers, researchers, students and technical and administrative staff. The agreements are usually set up on the initiative of the Departments, to formalize pre-existing contacts in specific fields of interest, many of which involve several administrative units. The agreements establish the fields of study and research, the types of collaboration, as well as the insurance and funding procedures, based on strictly-observed criteria of equality and mutual interests. Each University appoints a coordinator who promotes the implementation of the activities established by the agreement.

The Universities from different countries of world vide that IKIU has currently academic cooperative MOU with are: 

1.        China                        Beijing Foreign Study University (BFSU)                                 2017
      2.        china                        Xi'an University                                                                      2014
      3.        Pakistan                    Indus University                                                                   2014
      4.        pakistan                    Government College University Lahore                                 2017
      5.        pakistan                    University of Punjab                                                            2017
      6.        Iraq                          Karbala University                                                                2017
      7.        Portugal                   University of Lusofona                                                         2015
      8.        Italy                         Roma Tre University                                                             2016
      9.        Italy                         Polytechnic of Milan                                                             2016
      10.      Spain                       Carlos III University                                                              2016
      11.      Australia                   Agricultural Investment Management (AIM)                        2016
      12.      Russia                      Mgimo University                                                                  2016
      13.      Armenia                   Center for Ecological –Noosphere Stusies NAS,                      2018
      14.      Armenia                   French University in Armenia                                                  2016

15.      Armenia                    The Center for Ecological-Noosphere Studies NAS                 2018

16.      Armenia                    Yerevan State University                                                       2018
      17.      Afghanistan              Kateb University                                                                   2015
      18.      Dagestan                 Dagestan State University                                                     2015
      19.      Ireland                     University of Limerick                                                            2018
      20.      Korea                      Hankuk University

21       Lebanon                     Lebanese University                                                            2018
International Students Admissions seeks the purpose providing desirable settings to attract international students. It also informs about academic courses held at other countries or by international organizations as well as accumulating university's non-Iranian graduates' information.


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