Research Institute for Future studies

The Research Institute for Futures Studies was established in March 15, 2012 at the IKIU as the first Futures-Studies Research Institute in Iran and the region.

This Research Institute aims at monitoring and observing various social, political, cultural, environmental, technological and economic developments, in favor of the efflorescence and development of the country.
Having authorized  the three research departments; Foresight, Social and Cultural Futures Studies, Futures Studies of Islam World and International Relations, the Research Institute for Futures Studies conducts basic, applied and developmental researches at a national level in order to develop processes and inputs needed for decision-making, planning, policy-making, and priority-setting in different spheres of  economy, politics, defense, security, science and technology  as well as provide research services and consulting to public and private institutions to make sound and informed decisions for the future.
A.    IKIU Research Institute for Futures Studies: Vision
Having been inspired by the national 2025 vision, the Futures-Studies Research Institute of Imam Khomeini International University is determined to become a leading center in the area of Futures Studies at national and regional level, and to institutionalize prospective thinking in decision-making, public and economic policy-making, priority-setting, planning as well as education, research and development.

B.    IKIU Research Institute for Futures Studies Main Objectives
1.    Developing and expanding the boundaries of the Futures Studies' science;
2.    Propagating providence and foresight culture;
3.    Informing decision-makers to have a look at the future in decision-making;
4.    Providing organizations, institutions, governmental and non-governmental agencies with their needs in the area of Futures Studies;
5.    Helping with the process of future-building for achieving an optimal future state;
6.    Propagating Futures Studies literature through publishing books, magazines, articles, etc;
7.    Promoting the quality of education and research of Futures Studies;
8.    Helping with the policy-making process through education and research in the area of Futures Studies;
9.    Training experts in the area of Future Studies.
D.IKIU Research Institute for Futures Studies: Research Departments
    Foresight Department;
    The Department of Social and Cultural Futures Studies;
    The Department of Futures Studies of the Islam World and International Relations.
E.IKIU Research Institute for Futures Studies: Contact Information
    Phone: +982833901732  &  + 982833901730
    Email:

  • Foresight Researching Department
  • Social and Cultural Future studies Department
  • Department of Future Studies on Islamic World and International Relations
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