Hossein Medi

Ph.D Assistant Professor Architectural Engineering

medi [at] arc . ikiu . ac . ir
11 August 1966
Persian Version (فارسی)

Room 36, Architectural Engineering, Faculty of Architecture and Urban Development, Imam Khomeini International University, Qazvin, Iran

Dr. Hossein Medi was born in Tehran in 1345. He received a Math Physics Diploma in Kermanshah and was admitted to the Applied Physics Program in 1963 with a branch of nuclear physics at Shahid Beheshti University. However, due to the talent in painting and special interest in design, coloring, and imagination of volumes and space, he was inclined to architecture and in 1992 he was admitted to the University of Science and Technology of Iran at the continuous postgraduate level. Despite the significant scores in the composition and designing courses and the acquisition of three first-rank among the students of this entry, it showed more tendency to the technical and environmental fields of architecture, as in May 1998, his dissertation titled "Designing a training suite Energy Exhibition in Hamadan ". The thesis was awarded the first rank of university architecture works in June of that year. During seven years of executive duties, managing director and deputy director of the Hamedan Azad University, he continued to write articles, translate, research and supervise students of the undergraduate and graduate students of the Islamic Art University of Tabriz, Azad Qazvin and Hamedan. In 2005, he was admitted to the PhD position in the University of Science and Technology, and in 2010 he defended his doctoral thesis titled "Improving Criteria for Atriums in Office Buildings with Passive Approach in Tehran". During these years, he taught students at Shahid Rajaee University,  Mazandaran University, and Qazvin's Imam Khomeini International University. Since 2010, he has been working full time with the last one. He is, however, a visiting professor at Qazvin Azad University, Azad Kish International Campus, and the Institute for Abadani and Development (Hamadan). He has over 8 scientific, research papers, and 64 articles of Persian and English at prestigious internal and international conferences, Turkey, Austria, and China. These are in the fields of architecture education, building technology, thermal insulation, green architecture, designing the zero energy houses, Ecological Landscape, Sustainable Architecture, and Thermal Behavior of Glass Structures, and English Paper writing or a specialized workshop in English language. During this period, 76 master's degree dissertations in guidance and counseling from Hamadan Azad University, Azad Qazvin, Qazvin International University, and the south of Tehran. In recent years, a number of Ph.D. students from governmental and private universities have also been employed to advise on his scientific services. The book, "The Guide to the Application of Ecotec Software, Analysis and Simulation of Building Physics", was published by Pandar Pars in 2011 and the book "The Typology of the Rural Homes of Mountains" by the First and the Last Books in 1394. Two research projects have also been carried out to reduce the sun's absorption in dome skylights and climate typology in mountainous villages.


Iran University of Science and Technology, Tehran, MSc in Architecture , May 1998

GPA 17.29/20

Iran University of Science and Technology, Tehran, PhD in Architecture and Energy, Sep.2010

GPA 18.79/20


·         Published a paper (in Persian) on "A Suggestion for Educational and Exhibitional Center of Energy" for the Second National Energy Congress on May 1999, Tehran, Iran.

·         Published a paper (in Persian) with title of "Considering the Sustainable Energy in Buildings, Design, Facilities and Proper Methods" for the First Optimization of Energy Consumption Conference on March 2001, Tehran, Iran.

·         Published a paper (in Persian) with title of "The Role of Energy Management in Establishing Adaptive Architecture to Environment" 23-24 July 2003, Tehran, Iran.

·         Published a paper (in Persian) with title of "Atrium as a Symbol of Sustainable Architecture" for the Sixth National Energy Congress on June 2007, Tehran, Iran.

·         Published and presented a paper (in English) with title of "Challenges of Education of Sustainable Architecture in Iran" for TIA Conference on Sep. 2007, Krems, Austria.

·         Published a paper (in English) with title of " Field Study on Passive Performance of Atrium Offices: Case Study in Semi Arid Climate, 1st International Graduate Research Symposium on the Built Environment, METU, 15-16 October 2010, , Ankara, Turkey.



·         Chosen for teaching responsive climate architecture in Tabriz University of Islamic High Art,1998 and 2006.

·         Chosen for teaching responsive climate architecture and design courses in Qazvin and Hamedan Azad Universities, 1999 -2011.

·         Chosen for teaching responsive climate architecture and Mechanical Systems in Mazandaran University, 2006.

·         Chosen for a member of Architecture department in Imam Khomeini International University, 2010.

·         Chosen for teaching ECOTECT software in Azad University of Hamadan,2009.


·         1st grade in IUST Exhibition and Competition of MSc Dissertation,1998, Tehran, Iran.

·         Architectural Record Certificate in Continuing Education, February 2003.