Mohammad Bagher Shabani

Ph.D Assistant Professor English language

mshabani [at] hum . ikiu . ac . ir
6th Sep
Persian Version (فارسی)

Room 904, English language, Faculty of Literature and Humanity Sciences, Imam Khomeini International University, Qazvin, Iran

Documents and field of educations

Row Title and level of the course From Till Place of education Related file Related link
1 Ph.D. in English Language Teaching Mumbai University,Kalina Campus,Mumbai-India ---

Teaching experiences

Row Tittle of teaching courses From Till Place of teaching Related file Related link
1 B.A. and M.A. Imam Khomeini International University ---

Field of research

Row Title of interested research Minimum time Maximum time Needs Research plan file Related link
1 Methodology,Psychology,Syllabus Design and Language Skills ---

Published article

Row Article title Date of preparation Presenting date Publishing journal Related file Related link
1 Shabani,M.B and Najafi, S (2008) The Study of Learning Strategies Used by Male/Female Monolingual and Bilingual Speakers as EFL Learners, Journal of ELT Weekly,issue#15 ---
2 shabani,M.B and Karimi,M.N(2009) The Impacts of Demographic Variables ( Gender and Length of Service) and personality Type on EFL Instructors’ Level of Professional Burnout, Spark International e journal(Maiden Issue) 34-52 ---
3 Reza Ghafar Samar, Mohammad Bagher Shabani and Mohammad Nabi Karimi(20011) , Over Passivization of Unaccusative Verbs as a function of Discourse Pragmatics and Verb type: Testing the fit in Persian, Journal of Iranian EFL,7(5),8-19 ---
4 Shabani, M. B.(2012) Different Learning Style Preferences of Male and Female Iranian Non- Academic EFL Learners, Journal of English Language Teaching ,5(9)127-137 ---
5 Shabani,M.B (2012) Levels and Sources of Language Anxiety and Fear of Negative Evaluation among Iranian EFL Learners, Journal of Theory and Practice in Language Studies,2(11)2378-2383 ---
6 Poordaryaie Nejad, M., Mirzaei,M. and Shabani,M.B.(2012) Manifestation of Derridian Difference in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, journal of Canadian Social Science,8(2)58-62 ---
7 Karimi,M.N. and Shabani, M.B (2012) Comparing the Strategic Behavior of more Successful vs. Less Successful Readers of Multiple Technical Reading Texts. Innovation in Language Learning and teaching, 1-14 ---
8 Shabani,M.B.(2012) L1 and L2 Reading Strategies: The Case of Iranian and Indian Students, Research Dimensions: A Multi- Disciplinary Peer-Reviewed international Research Journal,1(4)103-110 ---
9 Shabani, M. B. and Gerdabi, A. R (2013) The Effect of Peer- Tutored Read- Aloud versus Individual Teacher- Guided Read- Aloud on Vocabulary Learning: An Inquiry on Iranian Intermediate EFL Learners, ELT Voices-India: International Journal for the Teachers of English, 3(1),87-102 ---
10 Shabani,M.B. and Mansoori Najad, A (2013) An Evaluation of the third-Grade High School English Textbook: An Iranian Case Study, Journal of Studies in Social Sciencs,2(1)67-80 ---
11 Shabani,M.B and Salek,M.R (2013) The Effect of Reading Experience on Using Grammar in Writing in Elementary Iranian EFL Students, Journal of Studies in Social Sciences,4(1)16-23 ---
12 shabani,M.B(2013) The Effect of Background Knowledge on Speaking Ability of Iranian EFL Learners, International SAMANM Journal of Marketing and Management,1(1)25-33 ---
13 Shabani,M.B(2013) EFL Learner's Beliefs about Language Learning in Iran,International Journal of Language Learning and Applied Linguistics World(IJLLALW),4(4)88-101 ---
14 Shabani,M.B. and Khorsandi,A (2014)An Investigation into the Role of Iranian EFL Teachers' Critical Pedagogical Views in Their Educational Success,Journal of Language Teaching and Research,5(1)144-153 ---
15 Karimi, M.N, Shabani, M.B. and Hosseini, S.M. (2014) Learners’ Engagement in Meaning Negotiation and Classroom Interaction as a Function of Their Perceptions of Teachers’ Instructional Communicative Behaviors, Iranian Journal of Applied Language Studies,4(1),39-58 ---
16 Shabani, M.B and Mohammadian, M (2014) Relationship Between Goal oriention, Critical Thinking,Mega-Cognitive Awareness and Self-Regulated Learning of Iranian Students,International journal of Language and Applied Linguistics World, 5(1)403-418 ---
17 Coxhead's AWL across ESP and Asian EFL Journal Research Articles ( RAs): A Corpus- Based Lexical Study Procedia- Social and Behavioral Sciences 98 (2014) 1722-1728 ---
18 The Effect of Task-Based Language Teaching and Content-Based Language Teaching on the Iranian Intermediate ESP Learners' Reading Comprehension Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences 98 (2014) 1713-1721 ---

Presented article to congress or conferences

Row Article title Date of preparation Presenting date Title of conference Related file Related link
1 Shabani,M.B(2006)Communication Strategies: A Way out of Communicative Wishy-Washiness. In the proceeding of TELLSI.2006 conference, Razi University of Kermanshah ---
2 Shabani,M.B(2007)Self-Access Learning Materials and Their Centrality in Self-Access Learning. In proceeding of ASIA TEFL International Conference, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ---
3 Shabani,M.B,Qarachloo,M and Mansoori Nejad, M.A(2010)The Effect of Cultural Background on Persian, Kurdish, and Kormanj EFL Learners. In proceeding of the first conference on new perspectives in ELT,Sanandaj,Kurdestan ---
4 Shabani,M.B, MansooriNejad,M.A and Qaracholloo(2007)Inductive and Deductive Methods of Teaching Grammar and Their Fffect on Reading Comprehension of Pre-Intermediate EFL Learners. In proceeding of the first conference on new perspectives in ELT,Sanadaj,Kurdestan ---
5 Shabani,M.B and Najafi,S(2009) The study of Learning strategies used by Male/Female monolingual and Bilingual speakers as EFL Learners.In proceeding of First Annual National Conference on Technology in ELT, Changa,India ---
6 Shabani,M.B and Alikhani,M(2010)On the Relationship between Foreign Language Anxiety and Emotional Intelligence among Iranian EFL Learners. In proceeding of 3rd LIROD conference, Bangkok,Thailand ---
7 Safavi,M and Shabani,M.B(2011)The Relationship between Gender and Educational Level and the Distribution of Persian Lexical Prototypes. In proceeding of the 9th International TELSI conference,Ilam university,Ilam ---
8 Shabani,M.B and Walidi,S(2011)The Interdependence of Power and Metaphor A Foucault-Derridian Approach. In proceeding of the 9th International TELSI Conference, Ilam university,Ilam ---
9 Shabani,M.B and Qassemi,A.A(2013)The Effect of Task-Based Language Teaching and Content-Based Language Teaching on ESP Learner’s Reading Comprehension. In proceeding of International conference on Current Trends In ELT,Urmia University,Urmiah ---
10 Shabani,M.B(2013) coxhead’s AWL across ESP and Asian EFL Journal Research Articles (RAS): A Corpus-based Lexical Study. In proceeding of international conference on Currents in ELT,Urmiah University,Urmiah ---
11 Shabani,M.B and Khosravian,F(2013)An Investigation on Containment ,Path ,and Force Schemas in Persian: Considering Gender and Age. International Conference on TESOL. Tehran ---
12 Shabani,M.B. and Khales J(2013) The Effect of Thinking- Aloud- Protocols in the Promotion of Reading Comprehension: The case of Iranian Students. International Conferennce on TESOL. Tehran ---

Published books

Row Book title First publication # Publishing Related file Related link
1 Shabani,M.B and Karimi,M.N(2006)General English Plus, Aeizh publisher, Tehran,Iran ---
2 Shabani,M.B and Karimi,M.N and Alaedini,M.A(2008 )Bonding with Popular Expressions and Figures of Speech in the English Language. Ilam University Press. Ilam,Iran ---

Postgraduate’s lessons

Row Title of Postgraduate’s lessons From Till Place of teaching Related file Related link
1 Methodology,Psychology,Syllabus Design and Language Skills ---

Thesis supervising

Row Title of thesis University name Defense date Student’s name/level Abstract file and index Related link
1 Exploration of the Sources of Anxiety Among Iranian EFL Learners in Learning Speaking Skill Noorallah Qaranjik, M.A. Thesis ---
2 An Investigation into the Role of Iranian EFL teachers' Critical views in teir Pedagogical Educational Success mostafa Khorsandi, M.A. Thesis ---
3 The Impact of chat on the Vocabulary Retention of iranian EFL Learners Farzad Parseh, M.A. Thesis ---
4 The Effect of Task-Based Language Teaching(TBLT) and Content-Based Language Teaching(CBLT) on the Iranian Intermediate ESP learners reading Comprehension AyatAllah Qassemi, M.A.Thesis ---
5 On the Relationship Between Foreign Language Intelligence Among Anxiety and Emotional Iranian EFL Learners Mohammad Alikhani, M.A. Thesis ---
6 The Effect of Peer-Tutored Read-Aloud Versus Read-Aloud on Individual Teacher-Guided Vocabulary learning:An Inquiry on Iranian EFL Learners Intermediate Alireza Gerdabi, M.A. Thesis ---
7 On the Relationship Between Foreign Language Anxiety and Language Learning Strategies among iranian EFL Learners Ako Delgosha,M.A.thesis ---
8 An Investigation into Plagiarism, Its Major Causes Suggested Solution Among and Efficacy of the Iranian M.A.EFL Learners Masoud Mirzabeigi, M.A. thesis ---
9 Comparing Monolingual and Bilingual EFL Learners in the use of Language Learning Strategies Saeed Najafi Sarem M.A. Thesis ---

Managing executive records

Row Title of executive position From Till Name of the Organization/Institute Related file Related link
1 Member of Board of Trustees, Bakhtar Institute of Higher Education, Ilam-Iran ---
2 Member of English Language Committee, Islamic Azad University, District 11 ---
3 Head of the English Department at Ilam University, Ilam- Iran ---

Rewards and scientific awards

Row Reward title Date Amount of reward Received from Related file Related link
1 Top Researcher of English Department, Ilam University, Ilam- Iran ---