Hasan Zolfagharzadeh

Ph.D Associate Professor Architectural Engineering

zolfagharzadeh_h [at] ikiu . ac . ir
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Room , Architectural Engineering, Faculty of Architecture and Urban Development, Imam Khomeini International University, Qazvin, Iran

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 1-     A member (researcher) of Islamic Sciences Academy in Qom since 1971.

2-     Wind tunnel project (wind effects on architecture and urbanism), IKIU,  1993-1994.

3-     Research project (compilation of the criteria for locating and planning mosques), second volume, Mosque and Jurisprudent Principles, 1997-2005.

4-     Research project (framework organization of Iranian universities), faculty of architecture and urbanism of Shahid-Beheshti University, 2002-2005.

5-     Project of designing the emblem for the Supreme Judicial Education and physical sciences of Qom, 1995.

6-     Research project (interface and reflection of ethics (psychological) in art, architecture and urbanism), faculty of architecture and urbanism of IKIU, 2006-2007.


  Published Papers :

 1-     The stance of bazaar in architecture and urbanism of the Islamic world, the International Conference of the society for investigating bazaar, culture and civilization of the Islamic world, Tabriz, 1993.

2-     The theoretical bases of mosque architecture, the first International Conference on mosque architecture: past, present and future, Isfahan, 1997.

3-     Consensus spirit, the second International Conference on mosque architecture, Kashan, 2001.

4-     Wisdom of supreme art, the second International Conference of Mulla Sadra's transcendent theosophy, Tehran, 2004.

5-     The interface between philosophy, religion, and science for Avicena's perspective, Hamedan, 2004.

6-     The principles and foundations of the modern Islamic cities, Tehran, 2005.

7-     The dynamic principles in Iranian past architecture, the third congress on Iranian architecture and urbanism history, Bam, 2006.

8-     An introduction to the basis of the interface pattern (human and habitat). Soffeh Journal, No. 42, 2006.

9-     Safiri's practical wisdom with insight into spiritual art, Avicena's Millionnium Conference, Hamedan, 2007.

10-      A leading look at Islamic art and architecture education, Conference on reviewing the educational system of the religious thoughts in art higher education, Isfahan, 2007.

11-      The social foundations in city planning, the First International Congress on city planning, Isfahan, 2006.

12-      Art wisdom of the arch-prophets, the International Conference on the prophetic art, Isfahan, 2006.

13-      Association, reminding and obedience as a symbol of the prophetic art, the International Conference of the prophetic art, Isfahan, 2006.

14-      Principles and characteristics of Azari architectural method, the Conference on Tabriz art school, Tabriz, 2008.

15-      The roots of the identity crisis in architecture and urbanism, the First National Conference on the research in the field of art.

 Professional experience:

 The advisor for over 20 theses in architecture for MA students of architecture in IKIU and 5 more theses in the open university of Qazvin

Documents and field of educations

Row Title and level of the course From Till Place of education Related file Related link
1 Diploma in mathematics 1974 Tabriz (Iran) ---
2 Bachlor's & Master's degree 1981 Politechnic University of Torino(Italy) ---
3 Ph.D. degree 2005 Shahid-Beheshti University -Tehran (Iran) ---