Asghar Keshtkar

Ph.D Full Professor Electrical Engineering - Communications

+98 281 83
akeshtkar [at] ikiu . ac . ir
Persian Version (فارسی)

Room , Electrical Engineering - Communications, Faculty of Technical & Engineering, Imam Khomeini International University, Qazvin, Iran

Documents and field of educations

Row Title and level of the course From Till Place of education Related file Related link
1 B.Sc: Electrical/Communication Engineering 1989 University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran. ---
2 M.Sc: Electrical/Communication Engineering 1992 University of Khaje-Nasir ,Tehran, Iran. ---
3 Phd: Electrical/Communication Engineering 1999 Iran University of Sience and Technology (IUST), Tehran, Iran. ---

Published article

Row Article title Date of preparation Presenting date Publishing journal Related file Related link
1 Thermal Computation in Railgun by Hybrid Time Domain echnique 3D-FEM-IEM 2011 IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science, ISI, Volume: 39, Issue: 1, part:1, 2011 , pp. 18-21 ---