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Room 858, History, Faculty of Literature and Humanity Sciences, Imam Khomeini International University, Qazvin, Iran

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Documents and field of educations

Row Title and level of the course From Till Place of education Related file Related link
1 Ph. D in Contemorary History of Iran Shahid Beheshti University ---
2 M.A in Constitutional Revolution of Iran Shahid Beheshti University ---
3 B.A in General History of Iran Shahid Beheshti University ---

Published article

Row Article title Date of preparation Presenting date Publishing journal Related file Related link
1 Narration and Meta Narration in Jalal-al-din Mirza Qajar Thoughts 2009 Farhang (Culture) ---
2 UK and the Relations between Soviet and Iran (1917-1921) 2007 Scientific and Research Quarterly Journal, Special Issue of History, Beheshti University ---
3 Two Main Approaches in Iranian Constitutional Revolution 2006 Political and Economic Ettela’at ---
4 US, Oil and Politics in Iran (1921-1925) 2006 Political and Economic Ettela’at ---
5 Great Powers and the Occupation of Iran in 1941 2006 History of Foreign Relations –Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Quarterly) ---
6 Iranian Cities During the Great Famine of 1917 2005-2006 Quarterly Journal of Historical Studies, University of Mashhad ---
7 Sheikh Hossein Yazdi’s Political viewpoints on Iranian Constitutionalism 2006 National Studies (Quarterly) ---
8 The End of Constitutionalism and the Beginning of Despotism 2005 Historical Studies ---
9 The Theorists of Iranian Bonapartism 2005 Historical Studies ---
10 Armenians and Iran Constitutional Revolution 2004 Iranian Studies ---
11 The west in Haji Agha Shirazi's View 2004 Report on Dialogue, Center for Dialogue Among Civilizations ---
12 Iranian Intellectualism in Transition 2004 Historical Studies ---
13 Toilers Party and the Islamic Revolution 2003 Historical Studies ---
14 Taqizadeh, Kaveh newspaper and the Possibility of Renewal of Iran 2003 Iran ---
15 Baqai, Dr.Mozzaffar 1997 Encyclopedia of Islamic World ---
16 Inside the tobacco Rebellion 1995 Contemporary History of Iran ---
17 Cultural Relations and Appearance of Iranian Constitution 1991 Name Farhang ---
18 Iran Post Revolution Historiography 1990 Name Farhang ---
19 Globalization and the Cultural Situation of Iran 2003 Culture in the Globalization Age, Rowzaneh Publications ---
20 West and Intellectual Phenomenon in Nasirid Period 1996 Iran-West Cultural Interactions in Contemporary History of Iran, Soroush Publications ---
21 The Development of Shi'i Conceptions in Qajar Era Spring 2010 Shi'ite Studies  Download file Download View Link
22 Tradition, National Identity and the Question of Historiography October 2010 National Studies, No 29 ---
23 The Nature of Trade and Economic Activities between Iran and Germany 2010 Social History Studies ---
24 Abdol-Hossein Teimurtash and Iran's Foreign Relations 2010 Journal of Iran History ---
25 The Iran-Austria Political Relations During Qajar Period Winter-Spring 2011 History of Iran, Shahid Beheshti University ---
26 The Balance of Shar’ and ‘Urf in the Legal System of Qajar Period Winter 2011 Historical Studies of Islam ---
27 America and the Military Significance of Iran in WWII Summer 2011 History of Foreign Relations ---
28 Britain and the Issue of Iran in the Late 19th Century Autumn & Winter Historical Sciences Studies, University of Tehran ---
29 Corps and Social Life of People in WWII Autumn & Winter View Link
30 Historical Obstacles for Establishment of Civil Associations in the 1st Constitution Assembly Autumn & Winter Social History Studies ---
31 Constitution in Akhund-e Khorasani’s Political Jurisprudence Paris, 2012 Analitica Iranica ---
32 the Role and Position of Village Chief in Rural Society of Qajar Iran Summer 2013 the History of Iran and Islam, Alzahra University ---
33 Analysis of Legitimacy and Illegitimacy of Safavids Sovereignty from the ‘Ulama Viewpoints autumn 2013 Researches on History of Islam ---
34 Political and Economic Position of Garrous Province [in Kurdistan] in Qajar Period Spring & Summer Iran Local History ---
35 Bahrain in Iran-British Diplomatic Discussions (1928-1932) Winter 2013 Sanad Pajhuhi, vol. 1, No. 1, Islamic Council Assembly ---
36 Dunsterforce: the 1st British Military Intervention in Caucasia (13 January- 14 September 1918) Autumn & Winter Historical Sciences Studies, University of Tehran ---
37 Ancientism in the Thoughts and Works of Abol-ghasem Azad-e Maraghi Spring 2014 Historical Sciences Studies Quarterly, Kharazmi University ---
38 Iranians Experiences in Democracy, a Historical Study, MAGNT Research Report December 2014 Research Report, vol.2, No. 7, University of Western Australia ---
39 From Legend to Reality Automn 2014 Iran Name, Bethesda, Maryland ---
40 M. E. Bastani Parizi’s Historiography winter 2015 Iran Name, Bethesda, Maryland ---
41 Evaluation the Ratio of Sexuality to the Political Discourse of Shi’ite Jurisprudence in Safavid Iran 2014- Vol. 43, 2014, Reef Resources Assessment and Management Technical Paper ---
42 The Role of Ottoman religious scholars' Fatwas' at escalating denominational contention in Safavid and Afsharid eras May 2015 DU Journal, Humanities and Social Sciences ---
43 Armenians Socio-Political Activists & Iranian Constitutional Revolution (1905-1911) 12 May 2015 http://www.iises.net/proceedings/16th-international-academic-conference-amsterdam/front-page ---

Presented article to congress or conferences

Row Article title Date of preparation Presenting date Title of conference Related file Related link
1 The Great Famine of Iran 2006 The Sixth Biennial of Iranian Studies ---
2 Oil and Coup in Iran 2006 Queens University, Ontario, Canada ---
3 Iranians and the Question of Modernity 2004 Martin Lutter King University, Halle, Germany View Link
4 Armenians and Iran Constitutional Movement 2004 Yerevan View Link
5 Iran U.S Military and Financial Co-operations in 1943 2003 Siena College ---
6 Iranians and Experiences with Democracy 2002 First World Congress for Middle Eastern Studies, Mainz University ---
7 Iranian Intellectuals and the Possibility of Dialogue with Western Cultures 2001 DAVO Conference (German Center for Middle Eastern Studies), Gutingen University, Germany View Link
8 Facsistic Activities in Iran in 1941 2001 Siena College, Albany, NY ---
9 Iranians and the Question of Modernity in Constitutional Movement 2001 University of Toronto, Canada ---
10 Religion and Society in Haji Aqa Shiraz's Thought 2000 Religion and Society in Qajar Iran, University of Bristol, U.K ---
11 Press and Expression of Freedom 1999 17th “CIRA” Conference Northeastern University, U.S. A ---
12 Seyyed Jamal-al-din Asad Abadi and the Isalamic Unity Thought November 2009 2nd International Festivilal on Avesina Philosophy, Hamedan, Iran ---
13 The Idea of Islamic Government in Iran Constitutional Revolution 21/09/2010 Dot 2010 View Link
14 Coalitions and Ramificns: Iranian Political Activist and the 1th ku Congress November 2010 Academy af Sciences, Azerbaijan Republic ---
15 Shar’ and ‘Urf in the Legal System of Contemporary Iran March/2012 Conference on Religion and Spirituality, University of British Columbia ---
16 Teimurtash, Sir Robert Clive and the Question of Bahrain 29 April- 1 May/ 201 Conference of Persian Gulf ---
17 Parsis of India and Innovations in Iranian Historiography 1-6/September/ 2013 ASPS Conference ---
18 Moharram Ritual and Constitution Movement of Iran (1906-1911) 12-18/ August/ 2014 World Congress on Middle East Studies (WOCMES), Ankara ---
19 Armenians Socio-Political Activists & Iranian Constitutional Revolution (1905-1911) 12- 15 May 2015 16th International Academic Conference, Amsterdam ---

Published books

Row Book title First publication # Publishing Related file Related link
1 Old Concepts and New Thought; a Theoretic Introduction to Iran Constitutional Revolution 2009 1500 Kavir ---
2 The Crisis of Conscious and Formation of Iranian Intellectualism 2009 1600 Kavir ---
3 Iran from the Collapse Of constitution up to the Coup of 1921 2006 3000 Institute for Political Studies and Research ---
4 The Crisis of Constitution in Iran 2004 3000 Institute for Political Studies and Research ---
5 Iranian Narration of Iran – Russia Wars 2002 1000 Center for Documents and Diplomatic History, Ministry for Foreign Affairs ---
6 The Biography of Dr.Mozzaffar Baqai (Leader of Conservative Toilers Party 1951-1987) 1998 5000 Institute for Political Studies and Researches ---
7 Religious Thought and Counter Reggie Movement in Iran 1997 3000 Institute for Iran Contemporary History Studies ---
8 Rasoulzadeh, Democrat Faction and Contemporary Changes in Iran 1997 3000 Institute for Iran Contemporary History Studies ---
9 Theoretical Principles of Constitutional and Legitimate Governments 1995 3000 Ney ---
10 Last two Decades of Pahlavi Dynasty 2004 3000 Institute for Political Studies and Research ---
11 Backgrounds for the Formation of Pahlavi Reign 2010 30000 Institute for Political Studies and Researches ---
12 The Historical Destination of Thoughts in Qajar Iran 1100 Nashre 'Elm ---