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Celebrating ceremony for elite researchers

Posted in Monday 14 February 2011 - 15:34:54

IKIU head master:
Research would be the distinguishing point of IKIU from other scientific institutes.

International University of Imam Khomeini hosted a celebrating ceremony for it’s elite researchers on Dey 11th at 10:00. Dr. Alebooye IKIU’s head master mentioned that Research would be the distinguishing point of IKIU from other scientific institutes.

Dr. Alebooye also mentioned that he has got no satisfaction from the number of researches done by university professors . He expressed that the figure stands only at one research per each professor, which is not satisfying and we must have mutual endeavor from IKIU and university professors both for research improvement.

 Dr. Alebooye named mega computer project as a pinnacle for IKIU and added:”now we are at the center of attention because of the mega computers’ project .”the university’s head master mentioned that every university staff is responsible for its improvement and as a result he ordered the research assistant to hold meetings in the presence of university professors to the aim of IKIU’s improvement.

Mr. Abedini, The chairman of the great leader's representative institution, referring to verses of holy Quran, pointed that: in Islamic rules, thinking has a special placement and we must train our children to be able to think and consult after the age of 7. He also added: the whole universe has its wisdom and the world has a code for knowledge and that code is God and religion.

At the beginning of the celebrating ceremony Dr. Rasafi ,research assistant of IKIU ,made an expand report about research level in International University of Imam Khomeini.

Dr. Rasafi had a brief look toward scientific board members’ research activities and mentioned that through past year we have had 65 ISI articles from engineering and basic sciences faculties and 19 articles from humanities and social sciences faculties, we attended in 90 meetings with 193 articles from IKIU professors.

Dr. Rasafi also named some of other research activities in 1389 such as: 6 scholastic opportunities, admiration of researching results in 1389, and publishing 47 articles in ISI sample magazines.

In this ceremony Dr. Hamidreza Hamidi was thanked because of establishing mega computers' center in IKIU as a national movement.

Other IKIU elite researchers in members of scientific board were : Dr. Saeid Abbasbandi, Dr.Mohammadrahim Eyvazi, Dr. Gholamreza Behbahani, Dr. Abdorahman Razani, Dr. Mir Mohammad Alavi Nigje, Dr. Yahya Fozi, Dr. Mohammadreza Khanmohammadi Khorami, Dr. Mohammad Bayat, Dr. Hossein Abadian, Dr. Bahram Navazeni, Dr. Shahriar Ghamami, Dr. Asadollah Lotfi, Dr. Karim Afshar, Dr. Peiman Danesh Kar Araste, Dr. Hakem Ghasemi,Dr. Gholamreza Kordestani, Dr.Ali Abkar, Dr. Reza Ziaei Moayad, Dr. Noushin Bigdeli, Dr. Rahim Haddad.

Also Zahra Shokri Aghbolagh, BA student, Amir Bagheri Garmarudi PHD student, Azam Khani, PHD student, Mohammad Hossein Ahmadi Azghandi, PHD student, Shahnaz Rafiei (BA), Saeide Senemari (BA), and Hossein Hatami (BA) were thanked by IKIU.

The ceremony also included admiring Simorgh designing team: Mohammad Javad Zeinali, Amirhossein Taghavi, Mohammadreza Soleimaniha, Omid Khosro Shaheli, Sina Ahmadpoor Samani, Kamal Razavi, Mohammad Pirzade, Esmaeil Khodaei, and Amir Tafaghodi.

Translated by: Shafagh Ghoushchi
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