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Conference held on the occasion of engineering's day, reviewing scientific achie

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In the event Dr. Sohrabpour, deputy for national foundation of elites, glorifying engineering's day, considered the country's remarkable progress as the result of right management on the elites.

With the effort of mechanical scientific association and the cultural deputy, a conference on reviewing scientific achievements of the country was held with the presence of Dr. Sohrabpour, deputy for national foundation of elites, in  humanities' faculty hall on 8th Esfand.
Dr. Sohrabpour speaking at the event commemorated engineering's day and stated some facts about the importance of engineers' work in human's life. 
Former head of the Imam Khomeini International University, referring to the Iranian's Islamic ideology which emphasizes on science, said: "No religion in the world, to this degree would put such a focus on science, as Islam does.
Also added: "Our dear leader intensely follows this matter and has special attention on research, technology and development of science and this view should be contemplated from the highest authorities.
He stressed that there must be proper management on elites, for wherever there is good management, significant improvements are seen and in this case he exemplified some of golden and valuable achievements of the country and referred to huge dams and hydro turbines which were previously built by foreigners in Iran, he also praised the accomplishments of elites in Isfahan and Natanz.
The former president of Sharif university, suggested that it is better to engage elites in research centers that should be established alongside universities, then put the universities in charge and draw the asset from the industry, and subsequently we would see the industry grow and we would see the brain drain procedure stop.
Deputy for national foundation of elites, encouraged universities to conduct basic and applied research activities and asked them to work on activities with moderation between basic and applied ones.
At the end of his speech, he urged students and elites not only to study but also to have some extracurricular activities in order to increase their experiences, and regularly update their knowledge after graduation and participate in additional courses, and take it seriously in terms of entrepreneurship, because today is the era of entrepreneurship.
At the beginning of the ceremony, Dr. Ale booyeh, welcoming Dr. Sohrabpour, spoke about his valuable services in the country's executive agencies and universities and continued: "If we look at our scientific past, there was a period of time when we were looking to promote science, then we put in a lot of efforts to train professionals, thenceforth at the beginning of Islamic Revolution what was important to us, was producing science, but now it is time we turned our knowledge into wealth.
He added: "We must use our talents and make endevour towards generating new ideas to be converted into phenomenon and then to achieve wealth.
He also said: "Today what is considered important is the technical knowledge and now with self-esteem, self-reliance and fostering the values we have inherited from the revolution's great leader and with guidelines from the supreme leader, we have reached where we can export our technical knowledge to the world today.
At the end, the attendance gave a visit to the workshop of "Simorgh" vehicle team and also scientific associations' office at engineering's faculty.

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