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Memorial for the student martyrs of Qazvin held magnificently

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Ayatollah Hosseini Zaboli addressed heads of fitnah:
"If people had known that you have trouble with the supreme leader or the constitution, wouldn't have voted for you."

The fourteenth memorial for student martyrs of Qazvin was held along with anonymous martyrs' funeral anniversary of Imam Khomeini International University with the presence of Ayatollah Hosseini Zaboli and Sardar(Colonel) Saeed Ghasemi.
The ceremony was held at 15 monday 16th  Esfand and university's president, a group of province authorities,  university students and faculty members attended it

Ayatollah Hosseini Zaboli regarded recent fitnah as the result of performance of those who weren't in line with the revolution, and had only hidden themselves under the cover of this revolution.
He said: They are the ones who stray from Imam's and the leader's thoughts and they revealed their real face to everyone in the past sedition.
In another part of his speech he stated: "Human's speech is expression of personality and human's thinking, also God's words are the expression of God's existance and many people can be recognized and judged by the words they speak or the stance they take.
In the memorial, Mr. Saeed Ghasemi also criticized the media; and considered them the main causes for confusion of youth today.

Sardar of holy defence front lines said: "Today we are facing a crowd confused about the Revolution and this is despite the fact that unfolding the history of last three decades of the revolution, is vital for new generation; the revolution that no revolution has ever fruited like that. 
The university professor explained some deviant movements, and considered understanding of these movements necessary for this generation.
Hojat Al Islam Valmoslemin Abedini, the chairman of the great leader's representative institution at the university, also welcoming the special guests, in his speech explained about dignity of martyrs by referring to the Quran's verses, and said: since the bodies of dear holy martyrs are brought to the university, which were just afew pieces of bones, they have been the source of good and blessing.

Also in another part of his speech, he supposed issuance of the revolution, as the result of spilling martyrs' blood and expressed: once our revolution boundaries were just "Feyziyeh school" and no one supported it, in no time it extended in Qom, and soon spreaded all over Iran, owing to of martyrs' blood, and today it has gone beyond the Islamic boundaries.

At the end, respectable families of the honored martyrs  were acknowledged.
"Student Basij" were the organizers of this ceremony.

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