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Ceremony for twentieth anniversary of foundation of University was held

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Ceremony for twentieth anniversary of foundation of Imam Khomeini International University was held at the presence of state and provincial officials.

Ceremony for twentieth anniversary of foundation of Imam Khomeini International University was held in amphitheatre of this university at the presence of head of fundamental sciences research center, Dr. Mohammad Javad Larijani, cultural and social deputy of Ministry of Science Dr. Gholamreza Sarvi, province representative of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Hadi Barikbin, the governor of the province Ahmad Ajam and domestic and foreign guests.

“During early years of foundation of this university I did not believe that it could achieve significant development and would find important capacity, but thank God this university became one of the important scientific centers of the country,” Dr. Larijani stated in the ceremony.

“This university can be a place for helping future political and administrative elite of region to have insight and recognize the true situation and understand priorities and have right image of Islamic Regime and efficient administration, and this is a potential that is unique to university,” He continued referring to Islamic awakening and the role of this university in educating Islamic world’s elites.

“In this case, this university can play an important role and due to the existing determination Insha’Allah Imam Khomeini International University would be a major scientific center not only in the state and Islamic world also in the whole world,” head of fundamental sciences research center added.

“Islamic Revolution was a great historical event that caused two major achievements come to existence: foundation of Islamic Regime and Islamic Republic and Islamic awakening movement. From the first day of victory of revolution, Imam Khomeini mentioned the awakening movement and considered that the Islamic revolution has dimensions beyond the borders,” he said, by referring to achievements of Islamic Revolution.

“Today we witness this phenomenon that shook the pillars of west domination and disturbed their balance in a way that it was obvious in Obama’s statements and the recent election caused more disturbances in their balance,” Dr. Larijani stated.

“If the America’s benefits lie within their servants in Egypt and Yemen, then the America’s benefits are vanishing. Hosni Mubarak fall was not a small issue but an earthquake that shook their benefits and the hand which attack Iran will be cut off,” he declared referring to Obama’s statement in which he warned the Iranian nation and government that they would attack Iran if their benefits in the region fall in danger.

“Experience of liberal democracy in the west is a failure experience and the product of this liberal democracy was creation of countries that their army invade countries, kill people, insult them and fail at the end, and still babble away,” head of fundamental sciences research center referred to liberal democracy of west.

“The U.S. government put the burden of various costs of Iraq war on its nation’s shoulder in future and present and also of its troops eight thousands were killed and forty thousands were injured, and finally the least success could be that Iraqi people thank them when they were leaving but they celebrated the withdrawal of Americans. America’s failure in Afghanistan is larger than that,” he mentioned.

“American politicians in their country behave in a way that it seems they are Israel’s servants and for the upcoming election in America the candidates try to please Zionist organizations and Netanyahu rather than people,” he continued.

“The time when the liberal democracy was fooling people and stealing mind of our intellectuals has past and today’s young Muslim looks at Iran’s experience. Our nation’s experience is history making and significant,” he said.

“When our nation’s experience started, there were some challenges. One challenge was about the scholars who say that religion and Islam is for the personal life, however Islam is the religion for the community. The other challenge was about those who said Islam was a good religion in its era but now is an Arabic and old religion, however Islam is a lively and complete religion.” head of fundamental sciences research center explained.

“The Other challenge was about those who said that Islam could not be efficient and a successful experience in modern era but they see that Islamic Republic is the most developed country of region in terms of science and technology and is the first country in the Middle East to have its atomic reactor produce electricity and its fuel produced in our country. And world saw these developments.” He insisted.

“Our experience is the solution but unlike the western countries we do not impose our experience. West claims to be leader but they are the leader of lie and claims to be conqueror and conquering has always been a failure in history,” he said.

He stated that Islamic Republic is Umm Al-Qora of Islamic world and other countries can learn from Iran.

“Most of the scientific articles of the region which are published in authentic scientific journals are from Iran. These developments in science and technology convey three points: that our regime understood the issue correctly and chose the right strategy and had permanent and appropriate guidance for implementing the plan and all of these are beholden to Supreme Leader for that he pays special attention to scientific development and four elements of developing basic sciences, innovations that can be offered worldwide, creating opportunities for young people and science cycle, application, industry and production of investment,” head of fundamental sciences research center explained referring to development of Islamic Iran.

He referred to the important scientific plans that are running in the country and said that the Kashan’s national observatory plan is a great plan that is running and enables our scientists to further enter this field.

"National Accelerator is another important plan that Insha’Allah would be launched in Imam Khomeini International University and about one thousand scientists would work in this plan and in addition to physics it has wide application in biology, agriculture, medication and treatment and engineering and will bring variety of blessings. This is a great plan that Insha’Allah would be launched with partnership of the university and the fundamental knowledge research center,” Dr. Larijani announced.

“In this regard, a contract has been signed between the university and the fundamental sciences research center and location of this plan has been determined. Also three laboratories has been established that would be transferred to this location and the president would start this plan officially in near future and its main work is being done,” he noted.

More in the ceremony, the cultural and social deputy of Ministry of Science, Research and Technology referred to developments of higher education and said in the year 1384 one of their problems was migration of students for studying in associate and bachelor degree and this created difficulties of paying the costs for Iranian families and cultural and beliefs problems. 

“But there was a national determination to enable students for studying associate and bachelor degrees inside our country. This year we had two hundred thousand vacant spaces and need to devise a plan to enable volunteers to use university facilities and this indicates that the tendency of students to migrate for studying associate and bachelor degrees has been decreased and it is possible that we can have students who want to study in our country,” Gholamreza Khaje Sarvi said.

“There are numerous applicants for higher education and attempts have been done to provide the possibility of higher education in our country in upcoming years and the capacity number for admission of PhD students has been raised from five thousands to ten thousands in the last and current years and would be increased to twenty thousand for the next year. The possibility of further education in our country would be provided with no discrimination and according to justice and the level of knowledge of students,” he stated.

“We are moving in a way that not only Imam Khomeini University accepts students from other countries but also experiences of this university are available to other universities, and with this university as the center we can accept students who want to study in Islamic Iran and perhaps the experience of this university in teaching Persian language can be used,” the cultural and social deputy of Ministry of Science, Research and Technology added about increase in acceptance of non-Iranian students.

“Persian is our national language but there is need to start a comprehensive movement of Persian to other languages translation from this university and other universities and scientific developments with its soft form to be available to the scientists, the wise and thinkers of other countries,” he insisted.

“Now the number of university students reaches to four millions and there are 300 non-governmental  institutions of higher education and there’d be a total number of 2300 institutions of higher education in Iran. During the recent years we attempted to increase the quality of national and non-profit institutions of higher education,” he said.

“One of the problems in higher education area is dispersion of facilities. Concerning this problem the Ministry of Science is establishing laboratory network to enable every scientist to use these facilities,” he said.

Cultural and social deputy of the ministry of science, research and technology said in his speech: "in cultural ambit, we have orchestrated the institutions of higher education; And a coordinated network of cultural, social, and religious activities have been established in each province with the biggest institute of higher education as the center."

"We expect IKIU to continue playing its central role in upbringing the manpower the world needs. This requires some changes in fields of study, major capacities and even educational approaches, so that beneficial science could be expanded to other countries." He affirmed.

Governor of Qazvin province also had a speech: "of the functions of universities and scientific centers, specially IKIU, are cultural, social and political functions, and thanks to God, this investment has shown its results in different ways and been influential in the arena of politics and society. It even destined the masses."

Congratulating the 20th anniversary of IKIU's foundation, he added:" I should thank the president of university and his colleagues for this inventive idea, holding this great ceremony for the anniversary of university’s foundation as a pretext to review what have been done during all these years and talking about universities prospects in future."

"Qazvin province is a province with high capacities in different areas which have led to acceptance, locating, and foundation of this university in Qazvin. This province has a lot of undiscovered national capacities." He said.

"One of the huge capacities in Qazvin is the great number of thinkers, scientists and men of knowledge who have grown up here. And this region has a history in production of science and research; this capacity could also develop here." He said.

Ajam accentuated: "in the road to development, this university should play an international role –as mentioned in its statute- considering Qazvin's agricultural, industrial, and tourism potentials."

He said: "some requirements must be met for development of this university. There have been some attentions paid to university's gradation plan. Having the President as the head of board of trustees, is another sign of authorities deep attention to the development and status of university."

"With long-term and short-term schematization, this university must achieve the designed goals. These goals are achievable in proper amount of time. Some serious works and discussion has been done in planning for university's future, especially on the matter of science production. And today we see that some preparations, like the national accelerator plan, are being done so that we could achieve this important goal and enhance Iran's scientific level in the region and the world. "He noted.

 He also mentioned: "avoiding intolerancy and showing flexibility in favor of important goals should be IKIU's program. Development and promotion of Farsi language, a connector and a key to understanding the vocabulary of scientific development is one of the targets that has been followed here and could help in promotion of Islamic revolution and our Islamic-Iranian culture."

Reminding the support of authorities he added: “this university is following the designed goals with the help and support of national and provincial officials and we believe that in coming years; IKIU's scientific status will be much more higher in Iran, region, and the world."

"influenced by Islamic, revolutionary, and Iranian culture; non-Iranian students must be an influential person individual in their own countries, as we could see that Islamic revolution of Iran has a great impact on the revolutions and uprisings in Islamic countries. We strongly believe that these movements will succeed because as our Supreme Leader says, they rely upon the divine will and the courage of masses. They are all influenced by our Islamic revolution and our revolution has become the symbol of anti-tyranny and righteousness." he declared, addressing non-Iranian students.

Referring to last parliamentary elections, he added:" I congratulate the people of the province because of their historical and glorious presence in elections. This appearance had a taste of 1360's. It was an affirmative and proper answer to the invitation of our great leader. It was a sign of tact and perfect timing and showed that people know their enemies very well."

In the continuation of the ceremony, president of the university spoke for the attendance:" we are thankful of god who blessed us with the opportunity of honoring 20th anniversary of IKIU's foundation."

Doctor Ablolali Ale Booyeh added:" this university is humbled that with the efforts of its professoriate, personnel, and students -as the only international university in Iran- is working along with countries collegiate society in order to improve science in Iran with production of science, expanding the borders of knowledge, and upbringing innovator, duteous manpower."

 He continued:" along with the educational, cultural, and research activities and upbringing the young generation; this university is a host for foreign students who have eagerly chosen this center to continue their way in the world of science."

"after two decades of scientific and spiritual efforts, this university is still blossoming in the path of scientific advancement under the blessings of god and benefiting from guidance of the late founder of Islamic republic and the supreme leader." he said.

Pointing out the important role of universities in today's world, he noted:" nowadays the vital role of universities in development of countries is a clear fact for everyone. Scientific development is an impartible part of an integral development. As the center for generation of thoughts and ideas and the place of educating and upbringing of elites, universities have an undeniable impact on societies and nations."

"These scientific efforts would not influence the salvation of humanity unless they are tied with morality and true belief. They will not help if they are monopolized in favor of a certain group, nation or race. if these scientific efforts provide equal opportunities for all the humanity to cooperate in a empathic and justice based condition, then we will have an international community which is ruled by divine values and moral excellences; in which science and scientists are respected, human rights and dignity are watched, law, duty and conscience are considered in work, autonomy and independence of all countries is accepted, and every nation could walk through the path of evolution." said Ale Booyeh, during his speech in university's central hall.

The president of IKIU also mentioned: "this university is trying to be one of the best universities in the region within 10 years and one of the best in the world within 20 years, this goal could be achieved with self-esteem, respect for values, and expansion of coordination and cooperation with well-known and creditable scientific centers on the world."

Opening of faculty of social sciences, opening and visiting universities 20 years' achievements fair and paying respect to anonymous martyrs were some of programs in 20th anniversary of IKIU's foundation. 


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