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First International Conference on"Iran and the Balkans in the mirror of history"

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First International Conference on "Iran and the Balkans in the mirror of history (past, present and future)"was held at the University of Sofia, Bulgaria.


According to the report of the deputy of international Affairs, the Joint Conference titled "Iran and the Balkans in the mirror of history (past, present and future)" was held was held successfully in Sofia University, Bulgaria. The conference was based on a memorandum of cooperation between Imam Khomeini International University (IKIU) and the University of Sofia, Bulgaria initiated by IKIU Department of international Affairs, in collaboration with research department and the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities.

Eleven faculty members led by Vice President of International Affairs’ department and vice chancellor and his deputy of Minister of Science, Research and Technology took the trip to Bulgaria in order to present their papers at the conference.

The conference of "Iran and the Balkans in the mirror of history (past, present and future)" opened with the speeches of Mr. Noroozi, Iranian ambassador in Bulgaria, Mr. Ghorbani, vice chancellor of Minister of Science, and Professor Fedotof, university of Sofia's Head of East Languages and cultures center followed by reading the massage of IKIU President by Mr. Mohammad Mirhosseini (PhD).

During the two-day conference, 33 papers were presented by participants from Iran, Bulgaria, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia in six sessions at the main hall of Sofia University and the Centre of East Languages and Cultures.

Delegation  of the IKIU met with Professor Fedotof,  on 7 Khordad (27 May) and emphasized on the necessity of  developing scientific and international cooperation between IKIU and the center of Iranian and East Studies at the University of Sofia.

 The delegation also had meetings with Professor Evapanof, Head of Iran studies center of Sofia University and Iranian ambassador in Bulgaria.

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