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Scientific Conference of “Water: Source of Life opened at IKIU

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The first day of The Scientific Conference of “Water: Source of Life” provided the researchers from around the Globe the opportunity to discuss about their works on water issues in a pleasant rainy day at Imam Khomeini International University.


The Conference opened on October 17th at 9:00 am in main Hall of The Future Studies building. Many students and faculty members of mostly Irrigation and Agriculture Departments of IKIU and Tehran University and other attendees from Qazvin city’s organizations as well as gust scholars from Germany, Egypt, Seri Lanka and Armenia gathered to learn about latest founding about water management and technologies
The event was organized by Irrigation Department of IKIU University of Tehran, University of Gottingen, University of Kassel, Germany-Iran Alumni Network (GIAN) and German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and supported by Qazvin Regional Water Company
The opening speech was delivered by Dr. Rouhollah Bayat, Deputy of Foreign Affairs of IKIU who welcomed the attendees and introduced IKIU briefly
The next speaker was Dr. Salajeghe, Dean of Tehran University college of Agriculture and Natural Resources. In his 15th and last scientific conference with GIAN, he gave the attendees some wise advices based on his teaching experiences in higher education level on the importance of understanding, sharing, trust, networking and positive thinking
Dr. Azarmivand, the scientific secretary of the conference was the next speakers who spoke about the process of selecting papers and main topics of the Conference including Water Governance in the Changing World, Water and Environmental Sustainability, Water and Socio-Economic Aspects, Water and History, Water and Green Economy, Water and Climate Change, Water Crisis and Risk Management, Advances and opportunities in water technologies, Water and Energy Nexus
Dr. Razavi, The GIAN coordinator in Iran was the next speaker in the opening section of the event and spoke about the history of the scientific conferences which GIAN had coordinated with the cooperation of Iranian universities since 2003, about major scientific matters important both to Germany and Iran.
The last speech was delivered by Mr. Habibi, Qazvin Governor’s Deputy of Civil Constructions which emphasized on the effective role of water in power structure as well as its vital role in life. He said that one of the reasons the capital of Iran was moved from Qazvin to Isfahan 400 years ago was water shortage. He counted some of the state’s strategies about water management and solving water crisis currently threatens many Iranian cities including Qazvin
After short refreshment, the first four key speakers of the Conference including Ms. Pfeiffer from Gottingen University, Dr. Ali Asghar Alamlhoda, the Head of Water & Energy Research Center at Sharif University, Dr. Ali Mahdavi, from IKIU and Dr. Akram, From Tehran University presented their recent achievements and researches
At the afternoon, seven presenters of the selected papers delivered theirs speeches and the first day of the conference closed with the workshops and meetings section at 17:00


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