Sunday 4 June 2023

A Brief History Of The University

The IKIU is one of the universities in I.R.Iran which is to be considered as a fruit of the Islamic Revolution. This university is adorned by the holy name of the founder of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khomeini and under the support, pure effort and willpower of the officials of the Islamic Revolution is attempting to nurture the obliged experts to fulfill the Islam’s world needs. The bill of IKIU’s constitution was ratified by Majlis (Islamic Parliament of I.R.Iran) in January of 1984. Constituent organs of IKIU include Board of Trustees, IKIU’s president, and IKIU’s council. Deputies for Education, Research, and Students and Culture are some of the other departments of IKIU. In addition, the Science and Tech. Park, and the central library with more than 100000 copies of books and magazines beside the other educational and research facilities provide great and ideal grounds for scientific and research activities for IKIU’s students. Bringing welfare for international students in addition to establish six dormitory complexes, IKIU has formed the Brilliant-Talent students’ Office to recognize IKIU’s top students and to support and guide the students, providing educational and welfare facilities. IKIU with six faculties could, suitably, meet various educational preferences of students. Also, Persian Language Teaching Center which has been hosted students from more than ninety-six countries so far, enjoying equipped language labs, library, and computer site will, definitely, create a joyful and memorable atmosphere for students to learn the rich Persian Language.

Tuesday 1 December 2009 - 13:30:39