Saturday 25 September 2021

Main Aims Behind The Establishment Of IKIU

IKIU was established with the purpose of furthering culture, civilization, and thought of Islam as the biggest proponent of science and scientists in the world and reviving its instructional and promotional methods. As an educational, research, and cultural institution under the Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology, IKIU has the following aims in view:

  • Furthering and promoting Islamic culture in the Muslim world.
  • Propagating Islamic culture and thought and science and technology on an international scale
  • Introducing grand figures of the Muslim world with the purpose of consolidating Islamic culture
  • Taking advantage of innovations and developments in science and technology to the benefit of Iran and other Islamic countries
  • Training committed specialists with the purpose of making Islamic countries scientifically and culturally self-reliant
  • Contributing toward the development of higher education in Iran

Present Status Of IKIU

 Imam Khomeini International University presently offers 30 undergraduate courses and 13 master courses with a faculty of 173 staff teachers. There are 4410 undergraduates and 350 graduate students. According to IKIU’s Four-Year Development Plan, some five undergraduate courses, 17 master courses, and five PhD courses will be added in a near future to the existing programs of study of IKIU.

IKIU admits international students on a yearly basis. Indeed, a total of 200 to 250 international students are admitted into the Center for Teaching Farsi to Non-natives each year.

 Since not all of the academic levels and programs of study required by such students are available in IKIU and because the number of international applicants is on the rise, some international students will be referred to other leading universities in the Country to continue their studies after they successfully complete Farsi and pre-university courses.

urrently, 500 international students from 55 countries are doing their 22 undergraduate and graduate courses at IKIU. Country-wide, around 2500 such students are doing humanities, engineering, science, and medicine.

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