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Office of Deputy for Student and Cultural

This office deals with policy making and planning, provides welfare services for students, and organizes cultural and extra-curricular activities for students. This is the office with which the students are in constant contact during their University study.

Administrative Structure of the Office

Office of Student Affairs Manager

This office provides accommodation, nutrition, sports facilities, health care, and welfare services for students.

 Office of Cultural Affairs Manager

This important highly-active office provides services to a wide variety of clients, from student unions, organizations, and associations to educational departments to even the teachers and office personnel. The departments that work under this office are:

2.1. Cultural Unions

 These work in the fields of books and thought, Holy Koran, Holy Prophet’s descendents, poetry, and literature, music, dialog among civilizations, tourism, environment, and arts.

2.2. Scientific Associations

Concerning the development of courses of study and the establishment of around 25 scientific associations at University and under the decree of the Cultural Council, scientific associations should work along the following four main lines:

  •  Holding preparation courses for postgraduate entrance examination
  •  Holding scientific conferences and graduation ceremonies
  • Organizing filed trips
  •  Publishing a journal
2.3. Student (Political) Organizations

There are five of these, all licensed by IKIU Supervisory Board, which perform various political and cultural activities during the year. They are:

  •  Student Basij
  • Student Islamic Association
  •  Islamic Society of Students
  • Islamic Organization of Reformist Students
  •  Islamic Organization of Shahed and Ithargar Students
2.4. Cultural Departmentfor International Students

This is an independent department that runs under the supervision of the General Cultural Office with the collaboration of the Office of the Representative of the Supreme Leader located at the Center for Teaching Farsi to Non-natives. Keeping in mind a recent decree of the Cultural Council permitting international students of IKIU to set up cultural associations, this department organizes a broad range of cultural programs for these students, including holding ceremonies on different occasions, organizing cultural weeks and shows to introduce the respective countries of the guest students, administering recreational and social field trips to familiarize these students with the cultural and natural attractions of Iran, and publishing the Mesopotamia Journal.

2.5. Audio-video Department

This is one of the most active departments under the General Cultural Office and aims to meet the needs of the teachers, office personnel, and students with its appropriate, vigorous, and timely services, including providing those interested with the latest movies on VHS tapes and CDs, and recording audio-visually all IKIU ceremonies to be archived.

2.6. Physical Training Department

Physical Training as an academic course of study has burgeoned extensively around the globe over the last 100 years. With the importance of the idea of health for academia in mind, the Physical Training Department of IKIU started in 1981, with facilities just enough to organize training courses. The Department, however, has worked so energetically since that it can meet many of the sports needs of IKIU today. The sports facilities of IKIU includes:

  • Bodybuilding Hall
  • Wrestling Hall
  • Karate Hall
  • Table Tennis Hall
  • Soccer Field
  • Track and Field
  • Track and Field Course
  • Chess Hall
  •  Rock Vlimbing Wall
  •  Dormitory Sports Project
  • open-air sports spaces (badminton, volleyball, basketball, tennis)

The Department makes arrangements for the students of IKIU to use local sports halls and swimming pools and is also in charge of dispatching teams to local and national tournaments.

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