Wednesday 27 May 2020

Responsibilities and Activities

1. Office of Educational Services Manager

This office is responsible for and supervises all the administrative affairs and computer services of the faculties, including educational services like student enrollment and graduation.

1.1. Admission and Enrollment Department

This department offers educational services to undergraduate students, including enrollment, student transfer, and course switch within the framework of educational regulations.

1.2. Graduates and Draftees Affairs Department

This department offers educational services to graduated and graduating services and applies to the Army Office of Military Service and Draftees for study exemption from military service on the part of the students.

1.3. Statistics and Computer Services Department

This department offers computer services to undergraduate student, including registering all the modules they take and the results of their end-of-semester examinations, and provides other departments at University with up-to-date statistics.

2. Office of Educational Planning Manager

This department plans new courses of study, ensures the provision of quality teaching, assists talented students, employs new teachers, and promotes and offers personnel services to current staff teachers.

3. Graduate Studies Department

This department offers educational services to graduate students (master/PhD) , including enrollment, supervises student dissertations, and plans and ensures the quality of post-graduate study programs.

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