Friday 25 June 2021

Information Technology and Communication Management

This department started in 2005 to organize the varied communicative and computer services.

1. Hardware and Computer bases Department

This department has double responsibility for hardware support, including the provision, installation, maintenance, repairs, and upgrade of the University’s computer systems, and the management and maintenance of computer bases. Students are the main users though all the organizational departments of ikiu may as well benefit from such services within the framework of duties assigned to them.

2. Network and Infrastructure Department

This department is responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining IKIU’s computer network and for providing technical support for computer servers. The network’s backbone is mainly based on optical fibers. Local networks (LANs) of the faculties and other premises of IKIU are linked to each other via direct or wireless systems. Stabilizing of the network’s backbone and launching monitoring systems are among the accomplishments of the department. The development of the network’s backbone and the expansion of Internet access bandwidth are also in prospect.

3. Software and Website Department

 This department provides the software systems of IKIU with technical support, which includes the provision, installation, maintenance, and development. The instruction and security control aspects of these software applications are also taken care of in this department. The design and technical management of Internet websites is another responsibility.

4. Short-term Electronic Courses Department

This department offers training services in the area of using computer systems like ICDL courses to students, office personnel, and customers coming from outside IKIU.

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