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Faculty of Literature and Humanity Sciences

The Faculty of Literature and Humanities is of special status and importance in view of the goals and mission of the IKIU. The Faculty is indeed the biggest faculty of the IKIU and has the biggest share of IKIU students (more than half). Currently, there are 13 departments and 72 staff teachers under the Faculty.

Course of Study Level of Study
Associate's Bachelor's Master's
History * *  
Arabic language and literature * *  
Persian language and literature * * *
Philosophy * *  
English language *    



This course of study deals with the history of the Iranian civilization from the pre-historic millennia up to modern times. The events that happened across the political geography of Iran over such a long period of time are studied from social, cultural, religious, political, and economic perspectives. The students will learn about the ups and downs in the history of Iranian culture and civilization and also about its relationships with neighboring cavitations. At master's level, the students will get involved in greater depth with the history of Muslim Iran through research work.

Arabic language and literature

This course aims to Arabic translators and specialists for government ministries, and public and private institutions. Expanding relationships between Iran and other Muslim countries, the need for research into Islamic thought, and the long-standing links between Arabic and Persian literature all are pointers to the importance of this course.

Persian language and literature

The students will learn about the different aspects of Persian prose and poetry and will develop the skills necessary for a potential job with the cultural and academic centers dealing with the Persian literature.


Graduates will have a good command of important Western schools of philosophy as well as Islamic thought, culture, and philosophy and can answer the frequently asked questions in this regard.


مدیر گروه :  دکتر حسین آبادیان

اعضای هیئت علمی گروه History
رجنام گروهمرتبه علمینمایش پروفایل

رشته های تحصیلی در گروه History
رج مقطع تحصیلی عنوان رشتهسرفصل دروس زمان تأسیس

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