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Faculty of Social Sciences

Course of Study Level of Study
Associate's Bachelor's Master's
Accounting * *  
Law * *  
Psychology * *  
Political science (international relations) * * *
Industrial management * *  
Physical education and sports science *    


Graduates will be specialists in financial accounting, managerial accounting, tax accounting, governmental accounting, internal audit, financial management, and investment. All sorts of economic entities, especially medium and large size businesses, require the service of accounting graduates, and increasingly so as the country moves ahead on its way to socio-economic development.


This course aims to educate and train graduates who would, after completing their apprenticeship, serve as judges or lawyers, or as legal counselors and specialists in government ministries, foundations, organizations, public and private companies, or in offices of notary public.


Graduates will have a good command of important Western schools of philosophy as well as Islamic thought, culture, and philosophy and can answer the frequently asked questions in this regard.

Political science: international relations

The aim of this course of study is to train specialists and researchers in political affairs. Graduates, having learned about political phenomena and their causes, revolutionary movements, different forms of state, government, and country system, and international relationships can work for various public and private agencies.

Industrial management

This course aims to familiarize students with practical methodology in management and train skilled manpower for factories, institutions, and public and private companies.

Physical education and sports science

The aim is to train specialists who can improve people's general health through physical exercises on a scientific basis. Graduates will be able to 1) teach at schools and sports clubs, 2) manage national sports affairs, and 3) further their studies at higher academic levels.

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