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Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science started in 1995 with four departments: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Statistics. The Faculty has 37 staff teachers and there are 866 students.

Course of Study Level of Study
Associate's Bachelor's Master's
Statistics *    
Mathematics * * *
Physics * *  
Chemistry * * *
Applied Geology *    



Graduates can play a part in national planning and analyze scientific issues in industro-economic organizations. They will also be able to impart knowledge of mathematics, fulfill the needs of the people in other disciplines, push back the boundaries of science, and create a scientific atmosphere in society.


Graduates will be able to get a job in the industry, defense industry, Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting Organization, Atomic Energy Agency, and academic-research institutions.

The students are admitted in the two branches of solid state physics and atomic-molecular physics at bachelor’s and master’s levels. The Department enjoys good educational facilities like laboratories for electronics, modern physics, heating, mechanics, electricity, and optics.


Graduates will be able to teach high school students, prepare undergraduates for higher education, train researcher assistants, and work for research institutions and chemical industry.


The use of statistics in gathering and processing data, drawing inference, modeling, and analyzing all sorts of information creation systems and its use in industrial, agricultural, medical, and social affairs illustrates the importance of this course of study.

Centers like Ministry of Education, Management and Planning Organization, Iran Statistics Center, the industry, banks, and other public and private institutions are potential employers of the graduates.

Applied Geology

The ever-increasing expansion of geology over the closing years of the 20th century and in particular the emergence of a great many problems such as single-product economies, water shortage, energy crisis, and environmental pollution has drawn attention to geology as the solution to many of those problems.

The graduates of this course of study, which was offered for the first time in Iran by the IKIU, will be able to analyze current geological issues and find solutions.


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