Saturday 4 July 2020



A. In Research Area:
  1. Identifying areas for research and educational cooperation with other peer institutions inother countries.
  2. Identifying credible research and educational institutes and in order to establish international cooperation.
  3. Identifying international financial institutions to get research funding for the financial support of the University activities.
  4. Identifying the areas of cooperation with international scientific institutions in relatedfields of the university’s activity.
  5. Continuous monitoring and observation, and informing about the holding of international conferences, seminars and workshops related to activities of the university.
  6. Introducing the relative merits and facilities of the university at international level in order to assess the possibility of implementing joint programs with peer institutions.
  7. Identifying the active elites in related fields with activities of the university in abroad in order to gain their collaboration and participation in research and educational activities.
  8. Identifying the relative merits and turn them into competitive advantage, at least in thecountries which concerned in the Vision Document.
  9. Codifying model forms for the signing of international MOUs for the university.
B. In Performance Area:
  1. Signing educational, scientific cooperation agreements and MOUs with other similarinstitutions in other countries and international scientific institutions.
  2. Studying and Providing the standard framework and proposals for cooperation withother international scientific institutions.
  3. Perform the necessary follow-up to implement proposals offered to international institutions.
  4. Correspondences and international communicating with peer institutions within andoutside the country on behalf of the university.
  5. Collaboration with the Office of International Cooperation of Science, Research and Technology Ministry.
  6. Collaboration with faculties in holding of seminars, conferences and internationalworkshops related to missions of the university.
  7. Membership in international scientific and academic research centers.
  8. Cooperation with scientific consultations of Islamic Republic of Iran in target countries to identify research and educational opportunities.
  9. Cooperation with International Offices of the internal universities and research centers in holding the joint international research and educational courses in the areas related to missions of the university.
  10. Collaboration with other institutions of the country which are active in international level in areas related activities of the university.
C. In Education Area:
  1.  Identifying opportunities for faculty, researcher and student exchange.
  2. Holding international educational courses.
  3. Identifying educational courses in other countries or international institutions, informing and follow-up for deploying faculties and the university experts.


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