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The Future of Iran-Russia Cooperation in 2025

Date of Conference : 14 and 15 Apr 2012

Deadline for Submitting Abstracts: 19 Feb 2012



 The contexts of cultural – historical relations between Iran and Russia:

  • Research the trend of the past relations between Iran and Russia since the Cold War
  • Strategic analysis of the cultural aspects of relations between Iran and Russia toward each other in terms of identifying driving forces, events, trends and emerging issues
  • Comparison of national documents related to the prospects of two countries (the differentiations and subscriptions)
  • Analysis of the cultural interaction between Iran and Russia (driving forces and challenges)
  • The course of historical development of Persian language and literature in Russia
  • The course of historical development of Russian language and literature in Iran
  • Surveying the role and importance of religious teachings in expanding bilateral cooperation

Scientific and Technical Cooperation Fields between Iran and Russia:

  • The new fields of cooperation in the field of Science and Technology
  • The fields of joint research and educational programs
  • The fields of teacher and student exchange
  • The fields of creating joint unions of university
  • Visualization of future scientific and technical cooperation between Russia and Iran

Political Relations between Iran and Russia:

  • The outlook of global and regional issues in Eurasia, Central Asia, Caspian and Middle East
  • Challenges for the America’s unilateralism
  • Challenges of NATO expanding to the East for both countries
  • Strategic analysis of opportunities and challenges of trans-regional actors’ presence for both countries

       Iranian and Russian Defense and Security Interests and Strategies:

  • The horizon of the strategic interests of Iran and Russia in terms of identifying conflicts and agreements
  • Fighting drugs and psychotropic
  • Fighting Terrorism
  • Defense and military cooperation
  • Cross-border cooperation


The Economic and Trade Cooperation between Iran and Russia (the obstacles and opportunities):

  • Cooperation in monetary, financial and banking
  • Transport
  • Oil and Gas
  • Industrial and manufacturing
  • Joint Venture
  • Create and strengthen the economic union


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