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the University’s educational and residential requirements

The educational and residential requirements of Imam Khomeini International University for Non-Scholarship Non-Iranian Students

1-   The Educational Requirements of education in the University

1-1- The opening time for the students is the first educational semester each year.

1--2- The studying course for Bachelor's, Master's and Ph.D. is 4/5, 2/5 and 4/5 years respectively.

1-3- Under no circumstances, the students may be a guest student in other universities or move to other universities.

1-4- There is no possibility of changing field of study and getting discounts in payment for non-scholarship students.

1-5- Simultaneous study of Non- Iranian Students in two educational institutes in Iran is forbidden.

1-6- If there will be any evidence that a student has studied at the same graduate level in Iran or has been expelled before, the student will be prevented from continuing his/her studies.

1-7- People having high school diploma have to present their pre-university degree, otherwise they cannot attend in the call of acceptance.

1-8- People who have technical diploma and the post diploma (two years study) that is equivalent to the pre-university document, are allowed to participate in the call of acceptance and in the case of acceptance, their passed courses won't be accepted.

1-9- Equivalency of the passed courses of the post diploma period for the graduated students who have the pre-university degree is on the basis of the relevant department manager and the educational rules of the university.

1-10- Degrees issued from the self- managed schools of the foreign nationals -that on the basis of the Permanent Committee of the Foreign Nationals their activities are illegal - will not be accepted and are unworthy and invalid.

1-11- If the non-Iranian students studying in International University of Imam Khomeini want to participate in the call of acceptance, they should quit and withdraw their field of study, after that they can send their documents for acceptance. There is no commitment for this group of volunteers to be accepted and the equivalency of passed courses may not be accepted.

1-12- Volunteers who are student of other universities in Iran can participate in the call of acceptance, if the duration of their study is not more two semesters. These volunteers should present their withdrawal letter from their university in the time of acceptance and the primary enrollment.

1-13- The reception is valid only for one year.

1-14- If the accepted students don't enroll in the appointed time, it means they have withdrawn from their study.

1-15- The final registration and admission of applicants to the university is bound to going through the legal procedures concerned with exiting the country, and getting the passport with valid student visa. It is obvious that this process will start after the primary enrollment.

1-16- Type 3 accepted students should pay for the first semester in the time of the primary enrollment, considering their field of study and the accepted degree that is approved by the university board of trustees.

1-17- Regarding the fact that students are not accepted in the second semester, if they succeed to get their student and residential visa until the fifteenth of Mehr ( October 7th), they can educate on the same semester, otherwise they are given two educational semesters without counting the educational years; and their educational year will start next year again. The deposited educational fee of type 3 will be reserved for the next year.

1-18- The criterion of continuing acceptance in type 2 is acquiring the minimum of average score mentioned in table 1 for every semester after entering the university, otherwise they will be changed to type 3 and are forced to pay the training tuition of the other semesters.

1-19- Type 2 students don't have to pay fees for their free learning after the graduation, but in case of deprivation from education, dropping out of school or requesting the educational withdrawal after the final enrollment, they should pay 100% of the educational fee of type 3 students for all the passed semester.

1-20- Non-Iranian, non- scholarship students are not allowed to take the educational leave in the first semester. If they request for the leave in other semesters they should obey the rules and regulations of the university. In this condition the years will be counted for type 2 and the years and the fees will be counted for type 3 students. 

1-21- Type 3 students in case achieving the average score upper than 17 per semester are eligible to use the facilities and advantages according to the regulations and instructions of the brilliant talents.

1-22- Accepted students for M.A, in the final enrollment, can choose one of the studying in research based, research-study based or study based periods. After choosing, transferring from study- based period to other ones is forbidden.

1-23- Educational groups can present lessons as prerequisite for the new non-Iranian students with the approval of the department.

1-24- If some issues are not mentioned in this style sheet, then Non-Iranian students should obey the educational and student rules of the university; not disagreeing with the rules of non-Iranian students' acceptance in the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.

1-25- Non-Iranian applicants are required to carefully study the admission regulations, because no excuses regarding not knowing the rules will be accepted.

2- Residential Requirements

2-1- To hand over the certificate of graduation and the detailed scores to the graduated depends on getting and presenting the decisive exit from Iran, according to the number 41/12/98203 circular of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Research in 2009/01/23 (1388/11/01).

2-2- Primary enrollment of the foreign national's resident of Iran depends on having one of the following residential or identical documents:

A: Refugee certificate issued by police (Islamic Republic of Iran’s Police)

B: Valid passport

C: Identity card for non-Iranian residents issued by the office of non-Iranian Resident and Immigrant Affairs in Governors.

D: Long time exit leave from the country. 

2-3- Volunteers with double nationality are not applicable. If any applicant is revealed to have two nationalities in any stage of the procedure, his/her application will be canceled.

2-4- Except some cases proclaimed from the General Office of Foreign Residents and Immigrants' Affairs in the Ministry of the Interior, the final enrollment and continuing the education in the university depend on doing the legal rituals of exiting from the country and getting a valid visa.

2-5- If there will be any evidence for the General Office of the Foreign Nationals and Immigrants' Affairs in the Ministry of the Interior that the volunteer's condition doesn't match with the required conditions; the department will prevent continuing the volunteer's education.

2-6- Students type 2 and 3, one month before the end of their educational residence should take action to extend it.

2-7- University is not committed to issuing residency permission for the family of the admitted (except their spouse and children).

2-8- University is not committed to issue residency permission for the foreign students when they finish their education, and they should leave Iran after graduation.

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