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Members profile - Mir Mohammad Alavi Nikje

Birth day : 1969

P.O.Box : 34149-16818

Office No : 671

Office Tel : +982813781268

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Faculty : Faculty of Science

Department : Chemistry

Grade : Professor

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Personal particulars


First Name:         Mir Mohammad

Last Name:          Alavi Nikje

Present Post:      Associate Professor in Organic Chemistry, Head of Chemistry Department (Since 2008-2010)

Nationality:         Iranian

Date of Birth:      1969

Place of Birth:      Ardebil, Iran

Marital Status:     Married

Office Address:     Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Imam Khomeini International University, Qazvin, Iran, P.O.Box 288, Tel-Fax: +982813780040

Email:,, dr_alavi at ikiu dot ac dot ir



Educational Background

1- B.Sc. Applied Chemistry, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran (1987-1991). 2- M.Sc. Organic Chemistry, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran (1991-1994). 3- PhD. Organic Chemistry, Teacher Training University, Tehran, Iran (1995-2001).

Job Description

University staff member, re-searcher and lecturer

Research Interest

1- Polymer Recycling

2- Polymer Functionalization

3- Organic Preparation

4- Bio-based Polymers & Composites

5- Nanocomposites

6- Polyurethane Synthesis & Application

7- Application of microwave technique in polymer chemistry


1- Chemical recycling of PET wastes and application of the recyclate in production of rigid polyurethane foams. Iranian Patent NO. 39078, 2006. 

2- Chemical recycling of rigid polyurethane foams. Iranian Patent No. 40802, 2007. 

3- Polyol recycling from flexible foam wastes and application of recycled polyol in production of rigid and flexible foams. Iranian Patent No. 740803, 2007.

Teaching Experience

 12 years

Undergraduate Courses Taught

 - Organic chemistry I , II , III - Physical Organic Chemistry - Application of Spectroscopy in Organic Chemistry - Coating & Paint Chemistry - Organic Synthesis - Fundamentals of Polymer Chemistry - General Chemistry I , II - Lab. Organic Chemistry I , II - Lab. General Chemistry I , II - Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Postgraduate Courses Taught

 - Advanced Organic Chemistry - Physical Organic Chemistry - Organic Synthesis - Heterocyclic Chemistry - Special Topics in Organic Chemistry

Instrumental Experience


Other work experience Activities

Regular reviewer of “Journal of Applied polymer Science”

Regular reviewer of “Iranian Rubber Magazine”

Regular reviewer of “Journal of Applied Chemical Researches”

Regular reviewer of “Polymer International”

Regular reviewer of “Iranian Polymer Journal”

Regular reviewer of “Ethiopian Chemical Society Journal”

Regular reviewer of “Journal of Applied Chemical Research”

Consultant of Jahad Engineering Center, 1991-1997

Consultant of JTG (Jahad Tahghigat Group) 1998-2002

Advisory editorial board of Recent Patents in Chemical Engineering, Bentham Publication House.

Advisory editorial board of Journal of Applied Chemical Researches(JACR), Islamic Azad University of Iran.

Consultant of Engineering Research Institute, Tehran, Iran.