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Faculty : Faculty of Science

Department : Geology

Grade : Assistant professor

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Papers in Refereed Journals
Row عنوان مقاله تاریخ تهیه تاریخ ارائه عنوان نشریه چاپ شده Attachmen Related Link
1 Study of sediment yield potential of Khor and Sefidarak basins with special reference to the difference between EPM and MPSIAC models, Hashtgerd, Karaj 2014 Applied Sedimentology ---
2 Investigation on erodibility of formations and erosion landforms in Vardeh drainage basin in northern Karaj, using MPSIAC Model in ILWIS environment (Gholipouri, et al) 2010 Journal of Sediment and Sedimentary Rock ---
3 Study of sensitivity of rock units to erosion by Sediment Yield Potential method in Sorhe drainage basin, N Karaj (Baluti& Ghazanfari) 2012 New Findings of applied Geology ---
4 The sediment yield potential Sorhe drainage basin (Kordan river) using MPSIAC (Baluti, et al) 2011 Environmental Geology ---
5 Investigation of susceptibility of formations erosion in Bagh Komesh drainage basin in East of Tehran with MPSIAC Model in ARC GIS environment (Ahmadifard, et al) 2013 Journal of the earth ---
6 A survey of sensitivity and susceptibility of formations to erosion in Touchal sub-basin, from the basin of Jajrud Drainage (east of Tehran) with the method EPM (Kahe, et al) 2013 Journal of the earth ---
7 Investigation of porosity and permability of the Dalan/Kangan formation in the South Pars gas field (Daniali et al) 2013 Applied Sedimentology ---
8 Qualitative and quantitative methods of erosion and sediment estimation, using MPSIAC and EPM models in Vardeh watershed basin (North West Karaj) (Gholipuri, et al) 2013 Geosciences, Geological Survey of Iran ---
9 The origin of oil in the Cretaceous succession from the South Pars Oil Layer of the Persian Gulf (Rahmani, et al) 2013 International Journal of Earth Science ---
10 Investigation of depositional provenence of Late Pleistocene sediments in soutern Gnaga Plain using clay minebrals 2010 New Findings of applied Geology ---
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12 Late Quaternary Evolution of the Ganga Plains: Myths and Misconceptions, Recent Developments and Future Directions (Tandon, et al) 2008 Geological Society of India ---
13 Geochemistry of sediments of the Ganges alluvial plains: Evidence of large-scale sediment recycling (Tripathi, et al) 2007 Quaternary International ---
14 Pedogenic and non-pedogenic calcretes from Late Quaternary alluvium of the monsoon-dominated southern Gangetic plains, India (Sinha, et al) 2006 Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology ---
15 Alluvial valleys of the Gangetic plains, India: causes and timing of incision (Tandon, et al) 2005 SEPM Spcial Pub ---