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Faculty : Faculty of Science

Department : Mathematics

Grade : Associate professor

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CV: Reza Mirzaie (  also spelled as:   Reza Mirzaei)

Associate professor,

Department of Mathematics,

Faculty of Sciences,

I. Kh. International University (IKIU), Qazvin, Iran.

  : Field of interest       

Differential geometry, Topology, Fractal geometry.

Teaching experience:

Calculus, Differential equations, Differential geometry, Topology, Algebraic

topology, Analysis, Riemannian geometry (Since 2003).


Bs in pure mathematics, Tehran university.

Ms In differential geometry . Tarbiat Modarres university (TMU).

PHD in differential geometry, TMU (2002).

#Supervised M. S. Thesis: 25






27. Topology of orbits and orbit spaces of some product G-manifolds,  Manuscripta Math., 2015. 

26. Actions without nonsingular orbits on Riemannian manifolds of negative curvature,  Acta Math. Hungarica, 2015.

25.  On Lorentzian flat manifolds of low cohomogeneity,

Hiroshima Math. J., 2015.

24. Topology of some riemannian manifolds of negative curvature with

a compact Lie group of isometries,  Hokkaido Math. J., 2015.

23. On Typical Compact Submanifolds of euclidean spaces, Ukrainian Math. J., 2103.


22. Homogeneous submanifolds of negatively curved Riemannian manifolds,

Publications Mathematicae Debrecen, 82 (2013).

21. On fractal dimension of invariant sets,

Mathematical Reports, 4(2011), 377-384.

20. On orbits of isometric actions on flat Riemannian manifolds,

Kyushu J. Math. 65(2011), 383-393 .

19. On fundamental group of Riemannian manifolds with omitted fractal


Ukrainian Math. J. 63(2011), 854-858 .

18. On Riemannian manifolds of constant negative curvature,

J. Korean Math. Soc. 48(2011), 23-31.

17. On Euclidean G-manifolfds which have two dimensional orbit spaces,

International journal of mathematics 22(2011), 399-406.

16. Fractal properties of images of continuous functions from compact

manifolds in to Euclidean spaces,

Bulletin of the Irannian mathematical society, 37(2011), 93-100.

15. On negatively curved Riemannian manifolds of low cohomogeneity,

Hokkaido mathematical journal 38(2009), 797-803.

14. Cohomogeneity two actions on” Rm,

Bulletin of the Institute of Mathematics Academia Sinica, 3(2008), 281-292.

13. Cohomogeneity two actions on flat Riemannian manifolds,

Acta Mathematica Sinica( English se.) 23(2007), 1587-1592.

12. On cohomogeneity one flat Riemannian manifolds,

Glasgow Math. J., 44(2002), 185-190 ( joint work with S. M. B. Kashani).

11. Topological propetries of some cohomogeneity one Riemannian manifolds

of non-positive curvature,

Bull. Korean Math. Soc. 37(2000), 587-599 ( joint work with S. M. B.


10 .Cohomogeneity two Riemannian manifolds,

13th International Conference On Geometry, Integrability and Quantization,

Varna, Bulgaria, 2011.

9. Helix submanifolds in a Lorentzian space,

6th Irannian seminar on geometry and applications, 2011 (joint work with

M. Nazari)

8. A remarkon topology of some UND-manifolds,  The 7th Seminar on Geometry and Topology (GTS7), 2015 (joint work with H. Soroush).

7.G-manifolds of negative curvature, 45th Irannian Mathematics Conference 2014 (joint work with H. Soroush).

6. Orbit spaces of some isometric actions on flat Riemannian manifolds, 46th Irannian Mathematics Conference, 2015 (Joint work with S. Soroush and H. Hoseini).

5. Orbit space of flat cohomogeneity two riemannian manifolds, submitted.

4. Hausdorff dimension of the nondifferentiability set of a convex function, submitted.

3. Cohomogeneity two nonsemisimple actions on nonpositively curved manifolds, submitted.

2. Fractal dimension of graphs of typical conionuous functions on manifolds, submitted.

1. C2 isometric actions on hyperbolic spaces, submitted.

Published Books:

Fractal Geometry, 2005 ( In Persian).

Fundamental Groups in Topology (Preprint ).

Fundamentals of Differential Geometry 2011 (In Persian).


Conferences, Meetings, Visits:

_ 13th International Conference On Geometry, Integrability and

Quantization, Varna, Bulgaria, 2011.

_ IVthWorkshop on Coverings, Selections, and Games in Topology, Caserta,

Italy, 2012.

_ 4th Irannian geometry and topology seminar, Iran, 2006.

_ Symmetries in geometry and topology, Friburg, Switzerland, 2008.

_ 5th Iranian geometry and topology seminar, 2009.

_ Topology an geometry , Munster, Germany, 2009.

_ XI current geometry conference, Salerno, Italy, 2010.

_ Visit ICTP, Italy, Summer of 2013.

-19th geometric seminar Zelatibor, serbia, 2016.