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Members profile - Masoud Mohebi

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Office Tel : 00982818371190

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Email : m.m.mohebi at ikiu dot ac dot ir

Faculty : Faculty of Engineering and Technology

Department : Materials engineering

Grade : Assistant professor

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PhD: Materials Science  (Queen Mary, University of London) UK

Research Interests: Advanced ceramics (synthesis and fabrication methods), Modelling of materials processes

Selected Papers:

M. M. Mohebi and J. R. G. Evans, A Drop-on-demand Ink-jet Printer for Combinatorial Libraries and Functionally Graded Ceramics, Journal of Combinatorial Chemistry, 2002, 4, 267-274.

 M. M. Mohebi and J. R. G. Evans, Combinatorial Ink-jet Printer for Ceramics: Calibration, Journal of The American Ceramic Society, 2003, 86 (10), 1654-1661.

J. Wang, M. M. Mohebi and J. R. G. Evans, Two Methodsto Generate Multiple Compositions in Combinatorial Ink-jet Printing of Ceramics, Macromolecular Rapid Communications, 2005, 26, 304–309.

 M. M. Mohebi and J. R. G. Evans, The Trajectory of Ink-jet Droplets: Modelling and Experiment, Chemical Engineering Science, 2005, 60, 3469–3476.

 M. M. Mohebi, S. Yang and J. R. G. Evans,  Compositional Control in Solid Freeforming; Fabrication of 3D FGM, Key Engineering Materials, 2006, Vols. 317-318, 151-154.

S. Yang, M. M. Mohebi, J. R. G Evans, Solid Freeforming of Complex Shapes by Simultaneous Acoustic Powder Deposition of Crucible and Part, Rapid Prototyping Journal, 2008, 14(1), 35-43.