Monday 23 July 2018

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Birth day : 20/02/1967

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Email : bahramnejad at ikiu dot ac dot ir

Faculty : Faculty of Literature and Humanity Sciences

Department : History

Grade : Associate professor

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Papers in Conference Proceedings
Row عنوان مقاله تاریخ تهیه تاریخ ارائه عنوان همایش برگزار شده Attachmen Related Link
1 Historical Recognition of Bektashi Order: From Preliminary Origin to Balkan Geography 2013 2013 First International Conference Iran and Balkan in the Mirror of History(past, present, future), 28th-29th May 2013, Sofia University, Saint Kliment Ohridski, department of Iranian studies, Bulgaria ---
2 Research on Castaldi according to historical documents on Iran 2011 Spt. 7-10 7thEuropean Conference of Iranian Studies, Poland, Krakow ---
3 "China's Social Structure: According to writings of an Iranian Historian in Fourteenth Century" 2010 August 6-7, 2010 The Sixth Annual Meeting the Chinese Hayek Society, Shue Yan University, Hong Kong ---
4 "An investigation into the political and social conditions of old Siam in a period of two years (1685-1687) during the Narai government (1656-1688): a case study based on writings by an Iranian observer in the same period" 2010 February 26-28, 2010 Humanities& History, Singapore ---
5 "Qażi Jahān-e Qażvini: "Biography and mechanism bureaucracy structure during his ministry" 2007 May 7-9, 2007 Qazvin in the Safavid era, Imam Khomeini International University, Qazvin ---
6 review about how modernizing political and religious of Iran's thought in the Safavid period" 2004 October 12-14, 2004 Tabriz in the Safavid period, Tabriz University ---
7 "Works of European tourists in the Safavid period" 1998 March 11-13, 1998 Tourist and Islamic Republic of Iran, Kish University ---
8 Abhar rood regional in the Safavid period based on travelogues 1997 May 1-2, 1997 Recognition of Abhar region, Islamic Azad University, Abhar ---