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Supervised Theses and Dissertations
Row عنوان پایان نامه از تاریخ تا تاریخ نام دانشجو - مقطع Attachmen Related Link
1 Simulation of Polymer Flooding Process in order to Enhanced Oil Recovery and Investigation of Factors Affecting the Process 2014 2015 Ehsan Ghanavati- M.Sc. ---
2 Operational parameters optimization in cyclic steam injection process(CSS) for horizontal wells. case study: one of Iranian’s reservoir (Pars Science and Research Open University) 2012 2015 Farzad Rezaikia- M.Sc. ---
3 Estimation of Static & Dynamic Properties by Using Well Logs & Core Data for a Field in South-West of Iran 2013 2015 Amir Abu Ali-M.SC. ---
4 Immiscible nitrogen gas injection and comparison with the water injection to increase the productivity in one oil reservoir(Omidieh Open University) 2014 2015 Movahed Karimi- M.Sc. ---
5 Study Of low salinity water on chemicals used in Chemical enhanced oil recovery processes(Omidieh Open University) 2014 2015 Majid Cheraghi- M.Sc. ---
6 Immiscible CO2 and CH4 Gas injection and comparison with the water injection process in the oil Reservoir (Omidieh Open University) 2014 2015 Mohammad Ali Zolfaghari - M.Sc. ---
7 Interpretation of effective parameters at water-conning and evaluation, in one of Iranian gas reservoir by ECLIPSE 300(Omidieh Open University) 2014 2015 Meisam Ghanbari - M.Sc. ---
8 Constructing a high resolution static model in a fractured carbonate reservoir with VSP and FMI data by Petrel 2013 2015 Abdollah Moradi-M.Sc. ---
9 The evaluation of the fractured reservoir structure using FMI and VSP data 2013 2015 Mohammad Nadri- M.Sc. ---
10 Evaluation of formation anisotropy in a naturally fractured carbonated reservoir based on static and dynamic data (common) 2013 2015 Shaghayegh Esmaiilzadeh- M.Sc. ---
11 Simulation of water and gas immiscible injection in order to EOR in the oil reservoir in Iran (Omidieh Open University) 2012 2014 Hamidreza Rahimi- M.Sc. ---
12 Evaluation of permeability from production logs tool(PLT) in a naturally fractured carbonate reservoir 2013 2014 Afshin Hosseini Hemmat- M.Sc. ---
13 Smart ventilation system design in Angooran lead & zinc underground mine (Common) 2012 2014 Mostafa Pazin- M.Sc. ---
14 Usage of network operational research models in mines ventilation (typical study in Pabdana Coal Mine)-(common) October 2012 November 2013 Abolfazl Hajiqorbani M.Sc. ---
15 Study and investigation the causes of coning phenomenon in oil production wells and its control methods simulation in one of the field in southwestern of iran(Omidieh Open University) 2012 2013 Masoud Aiini Yeganeh- M.Sc. ---
16 Application of Hydraulic Fracturing in One of Iranian Southern Oil Fields for Production Increscent Using Fracpro PT Software (Omidieh Open University) 2012 2013 Yasin Nami - M.Sc. ---
17 Use of chemicals to reduce interfacial tension in order to Enhanced oil recovery from well (Omidieh Open University) 2011 2013 Mahdi Taghizadeh - M.Sc. ---
18 Minimizing of Cost in Drilling Exploration of Oil Basin by Balas & Monte-Carlo 2011 2013 Abdulazim Jafari- M.Sc. ---
19 Simulation of Miscible Gas Injection in Iranian’s Oilfield (Omidieh Open University) 2011 2012 Ehsan Salehi - M.Sc. ---
20 Sensitivity Analysis of Effective Parameters on WAG Injection Performance (Omidieh Open University) 2010 2011 Reza Masoomi - M.Sc. ---
21 Optimization of producing heavy oil reservoirs using steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) simulation, Case study: Mond mountain reservoir (Omidieh Open University) 2010 2011 Masood Nematolahi- M.Sc. ---
22 Reduction of well damage by variation of drilling mud properties and Investigation it in one of Iranian oil fields 2010 2011 Ismail Sadremomtaz- M.Sc. ---
23 Investigating The Possibility Of Using The New Water Based Mud In High Temperature And Pressure In The Oil And Gas Fields Of Iran 2010 2011 Mohammad Amin alebooyeh- M.Sc. ---
24 Determination of underbalanced drilling in one of Iranian south-western oil fields 2009 2011 Ashkan Masoomshahy- M.Sc. ---
25 Optimization of Time – Cost Function in Management Drilling Exploration Wells of Network by Directional wells (Case Study of one oil reservoir in Persian Gulf) 2009 2011 Kamel Ahmadi - M.Sc. ---
26 Thermal Modeling by Lopatin method in Dezful Embayment (Ali Salehi) 2009 2011 Ali Salehi- M.Sc. ---
27 Investigation of Bit performance in offshore basins and selection of optimum bit in each well of these basins (common) 2008 2010 Daryoush Javani- M.Sc. ---
28 Optimal cut of grade determination in Sarcheshmeh copper mine by Quartet Lane algorithm 2011 2013 Mohammadjavad Mahdavi - M.Sc. ---
29 Underground mining preliminary design for Sabzak coal mine in Herat province, Afghanistan (Mehdi Saeedi) 2010 2012 Mehdi Saeedi- M.Sc. ---
30 Application of Burgess & PERT models in planning of tunnel construction project(case study: Nowsood Tunnel) 2009 2011 Sirwan Moradi- M.Sc. ---
31 TBM efficiency Modeling in Golab tunnel drilling 2009 2011 Amir Hossein Nourizadeh- M.Sc. ---
32 Ventilation system design in Parsian highway tunnels (between Parsian refinery and Asalooyeh oil complex) (Tehran Science and Research Open University) 2009 2010 Seyed Soheil Talebi- M.Sc. ---
33 Gandomkar & Torshan tunnels ventilation system design in Khorramabad - Polezal highway 2009 2010 Mostafa Piri- M.Sc. ---
34 Estimating the optimal number of mining workshop in open pit mining by the stochastic process in Angooran Lead & zinc Mine(Common) 2008 2010 Ferydoon Mowlaii- M.Sc. ---
35 strategy determination of optimum cut of grade in Songun Copper Mine (Common) 2008 2009 Vahid Akbari Far- M.Sc. ---
36 pit limit design & optimization in Mooteh by npvstmfo and datamine software(Common) 2008 2009 M. Mirshekari- M.Sc. ---