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Members profile - Rahim Hashempour

Birth day : 25/01/1959

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Office No : 217

Office Tel : 33901228

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Faculty : Faculty of Architecture and Urban Development

Department : Urban development engineering

Grade : Assistant professor

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Executive Experience


Member of the City Council of Hashtgerd for six years

President of the Islamic Council of Hashtgerd New Town for two years

Scientific Board Member of Imam Khomeini International University of Qazvin

Research Deputy of the Architecture and Urbanism Faculty of Imam Khomeini International University of Qazvin

Director of Urban Planning of Hashtgerd New Town Development Company

Vice President of Construction and Urban Planning in Qazvin (Qazvin Province)

Karaj City Council Development Consultant

Head and Deputy of ARCHI PARS Company Board

Professor of Art University (Karaj Pardis branch)

Professor of Qazvin Islamic Azad University

Professor of Qazvin Provincial (management courses to upgrade the offices personnel of Qazvin province)

Manager of "Urbanism Thoughts" Journal of Imam Khomeini International University of Qazvin (Scientific and Research rank is being obtained)


Architectural competition abroad:

1995 First place in German Cinema Town Project International Competition of -

BubblesBurg - Jean Paul Viguier Office - Germany

1996 Second Place in the Trade Center Project International Competition in Beirut -

John Paul Viguier Office - Beirut

Participated at the 1994 International Competition for Architects under forty years old- Europe

1995 Participated in several National Hospital Competition in France and acquire the first three places in Soors Office as the Project Manager.


Professional Experiences

1368                         Project Manager and Designer for various Architectural and Urban Planning Offices in France such as Jean Paul Viguier Office. 

Winner of the World Architectural Centennial Award held in Spain.


1368-77                   Foundation and management of Consulting, Design and Execute of Archi Pars Company in France, which over its career in a variety of projects, large and small, has been actively involved in the cooperation.

Project Manager for three years at Hospital Company Soors and  specialist  in various  projects companies such as “Design of Urban Planning and Design of the City Stadium of Nims, and commercial centers of was acquired.


1373-78                   Cooperation with the Iranian Embassy in Paris during the period of Islamic      Republic's ex-   Minister Dr Assefi as executive responsible , expert and consulter.

1379-81                   Director of the Assignment and Director of Urbanism of Development Company of the Ministry of Housing and Urbanism of Hashtgerd New Town.

1382-83                   Civil and Urbanism Deputy of Qazvin Municipality

1383                        Council Construction Consultant of Karaj

1392 1385               Member of Hashtgerd City Council

1387 1385               President of Hashtgerd City Council

1999-present          Chairman and Deputy Director of the Archi Pars Office transferred from France to Iran, which resulted in 14 of residential, commercial, administrative, cultural, religious, sports, entertainment, squares, urban, rural conductor comprehensive detailed designs .