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Faculty : Faculty of Literature and Humanity Sciences

Department : History

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Last name :rahimi

PhD:history of iran.isfahan university- isfahan

MA:history of iran.tarbiat modares university-tehran

BACHELOR:history of iran.national university-tehran

ADDRESS:Qazvin.imam Khomeini international university.history.tel:00982818371632-33


Researcher Elected International University per year 1382

1.      Educational Activities

Teaching in the Department of Theology،History, Quranic Sciences , Department of Nahj Lblaghh , teacher training Bint al-Huda al-Sadr seminary in Imam Sadiq University Neuroblastoma Message ... contained some lessons topics such as:

1-      History of Islam 2The life of Imams 3 - Life Amyralmomenyn Ali 4 - political and social history of Iran 5 - Review history of the fall of the Sassanid and Abbasid Caliphate (MA) 6 - State and civilization in the history of Islam (top), 7 - On the Muslim world since 227 AD, Baghdad Tasqvt 8 – history of islam of birth Prophet until 41 AD.9. History of Islam to the fall of Baghdad Salajegheh 10 - History of Islam 211. History of Islam until 312 - 413 years of Islamic history - local history.History of Islam during the Ottoman and safavids 41 - on the spread of Islam in Africa and Andalusia 42 - Review of Iranian history until the end of the fall of the Umayyad Caliphate Abbasid (senior) administration Vmdnyt (MA) 43 - United Vnhl (PhD) 44 - The Social History of ... Iran after Islam (PhD).

2-      - Handouts

Movement of Imam Hussein in Karbala history

African history with a focus on Muslim countries

Early history of Islam

Political history - the social world of Islam since 40 to 227 AD

Political history - the social world of Islam since the fall of Baghdad in 227 AH

Fatimid state history - Hamdani

Check the Battle of Jamal and Siffin

3-      - Research activities (Article)

· Hamdanids and military competence - cultural, Seif aldole

· Place Historic - Cultural Family Hamdani yatimato aldahr saalabi

· Iranian scientists involved in the court Hamdanids

· Hayer alhosseyn (AS)

· Qmqam Zakhar on the Battle of Karbala

4-      theses

Family Ceyhan and its role in the political and cultural developments of Samanid

· The role of the tribes(kord) in the Safavid rule (the rule of Shah Abbas I, Shah Ismail I to begin)

· Examine the role of Vice Khalifa place in the formation and progression of the official beginning of Safavid Shah Abbas I.

· Political and economic relations with Russia and Iran to the Safavid Shah Abbas I.

· Biography of Ayatollah Hadi Milani (second Pahlavi period 1357-1320)

Al kakuyed Dynasty 536-398 BC

Life and Political Thought Mjdalaslam Kermani

· Gilan in Safavid era (the fall of the Safavid Ahmad Khan Gilani to collapse)

· Persian(fars) nomads reaction towards land reform (43-1341) with an emphasis on tribal Boyer Ahmadi

· Review internal and external reflections rose 15 June 1342

· The impact of the Islamic Revolution and the continuing rise of Hezbollah movement in Lebanon

· Examine the role of religious literature on constitutional victory (case study of Tehran constitutionalists)

Gilanis political role in the Safavid era

· Political developments - economic decline during Safavid Persian Gulf

· Political Biography of Mulla Muhammad Taqi Baraghan and his family (1313-1212)

· Political and military action in the Persian Safavid Qizilbash

· Hamadan scholars and academic centers of the Mongol period Buwayhid

· 1313-1304 tribal uprising lor mamasani Boyer Ahmad Jalali

Hirah role in the cultural and political developments of the Sasanian period until the end of the Abbasid

· Qazvin Qajar period to NASERI Constitutional Movement (with an emphasis on political - social - economic - cultural)

· The economic situation in Iran during Abu Bahadur Khan patriarch

· Silk trade in Safavid period

· Examine the role of the Caspian Sea (Gilan Ports) on the interaction between Iran and Russia during the Qajar period

· Review the political situation - social, cultural, relying on family Zolfaghari Branch of constitutional reform (1342)

Toode(Tude.populace.)Party in the Mazandaran Persian date Mehr 1320 to 1325. S

Life and times of Mirza Ebrahim Khan Kalantar

· Shiite cleric Mohammad Shah Qajar period

· Policy and economic development, military Khwaja Mulk Tusi

· The metropolis during Buyid (relying on Ray and Isfahan)

Qazvin social status in the course of the First World War (1297-1293 Hijri)

Life and Times Zd-Mulk (viceroy of Ahmad Shah Qajar dynasty 1328-1338 BC)

· The role of schools in the Islamic Revolution welfare case study schools